1. 28 Sep, 2020 1 commit
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      Implement trait support - Part 2/3 - New ink! codegen (#470) · 5d7d855c
      Hero Bird authored
      * [lang/codegen] initial impl of the new ink! codegen
      This new codegen is based on the (also) new ink! IR.
      * [lang/macro] apply rustfmt to imports
      * [lang/codegen] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/ir] add ItemMod::{attrs, vis} getters
      * [lang/codegen] make use of ir::ItemMod::{attrs, vis} in codegen
      * [lang/codegen] restructure ink_lang_codegen library
      * [lang/codegen] appliy clippy suggestion
      * [lang/ir] add Event::attrs() and ToTokens impl for EventField
      * [lang/codegen] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/codegen] implement Event code generator
      * [lang/codegen] make use of the new Events code generator
      * [lang/ir] make ir::Callable always Copy and Clone
      * [lang/ir] rename CallableWithSelector::item -> callable
      * [lang/ir] add Callable::kind() trait method
      * [lang/codegen] add dispatch enum code generation
      * [lang/codegen] enable dispatch code generator
      * [lang/codegen] add generation for constructor dispatch enum
      * [lang/codegen] implement contract entry points
      * [lang/codegen] implement code generation for DispatchUsingMode impl
      * [lang/codegen] add trait impl namespaces Msg<S> and Constr<S>
      * [lang/ir] add ir::Message::inputs_span() getter
      * [lang/codegen] add codegen for dispatch trait impls for ink! messages
      * [lang/codegen] plug-in dispatch trait impls code gen
      * [lang/ir] add Callable::inputs_span trait method
      * [lang/codegen] implement dispatch trait impl codegen for ink! constructors
      Also this implementation avoids a lot of code duplication with the similar code generation for dispatch trait impl of ink! messages.
      * [lang/codegen] make generate_input_bindings doc tests pass
      * [lang/ir] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/codegen] fix message and constructor namespaces
      * [lang/ir] add {Message, Constructor}::attrs getter
      * [lang/codegen] implement codegen for ink! ItemImpls
      * [lang/codegen] remove some unneeded imports for ItemImpl codegen
      * [lang/codegen] automatically import ink_lang's Env, EmitEvent and StaticEnv traits
      * [lang/codegen] do not generate for ink-as-dependency
      * [lang/codegen] initial impl for cross-calling codegen
      Not complete, yet. Also we stubled upon the fact that due to the
      additional Rust trait support we have to completely change how we
      generate code for cross-calling. Research!
      * [core] rename utils.rs -> selector.rs
      * [core] add common mod for common abstractions for call and create
      * [core] improve ExecutionInput: add useful trait impls
      * [core] refactor call builder
      * [core] adjust rest of ink_core to changed imports
      * [core] implement new CreateBuilder
      * [core] remove old InstantiateBuilder
      * [core] remove no longer needed traits
      * [core] add eval,invoke,eval_params,invoke_params to CallBuilder
      This makes both CallBuilder and CreateBuilder more similar to each other.
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] adjust environment to new CreateBuilder
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] move eval and invoke to CallParams
      * [core] adjust on-chain impl for CallBuilder
      * [core] add explanation for the cfg
      * [core] move instantiate to CreateParams
      * [core] make CreateParams getters crate private
      * [core] rename Call -> CallParams
      * [core] improve doc comment
      * [lang] adjust lang for new call and create builders
      * [core] expose builder construction through build_call and build_create
      * [core] remove Default impl for empty ExecutionInput
      * [core] add usage examples to build_call
      * [core] improve usage doc example of build_call
      * [core] improve doc tests for build_call
      * [core] add doc test example to build_create
      * [core] fix compilation after merge
      * [metadata] make constuctor and message name an array and add is_payable
      Only messages need is_payable field since constructors must always be payable.
      * [lang/codegen] add metadata code generation
      * [lang/ir] implement lint to ensure there are no __ink_ prefixed identifiers
      Identifiers starting with __ink_ may only be used by the ink! codegen.
      So far this has been only implemented on TokenTree or TokenStream level and not on parsed syn abstractions leading to arcane errors. E.g. it was possible to catch errors if an __ink_ substring appeared in a string literal before.
      * [metadata] make serialized Layout fields camelCase
      * [lang/ir, lang/macro] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/ir] initial implementation of #[ink::trait_definition] proc. macro
      * [lang/ir] re-export InkTrait
      * [lang/macro] create new proc. macro for ink! trait definitions
      * [lang/ir] improve error messages of #[ink::trat_definition] a bit
      * [lang/ir] add many more unit tests
      * [lang/ir] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/ir] fixed spelling bug
      * [lang/ir] fix handling or errorneous Self receiver in ink! constructors
      * [lang/ir] add bunch of new unit tests for #[ink::trait_definition] proc. macro
      * [lang/ir] add some more unit tests
      * [lang/ir] implement checks for invalid ink! attributes
      * [lang/ir] add unit tests for invalid ink! attributes
      * [lang/ir] use syn's builtin receiver getter
      * [lang/ir] add iterators for ink! trait definition
      * [lang/ir] add getters for generic info of ink! trait definition
      * [lang/ir] fix a unit test testing too much
      * [lang/ir] deny ink! trait definitions with supertraits
      We might add support for supertraits in future versions.
      * [lang/ir] add verify_hash functions
      * [lang/ir] simplify ink! trait verification hash
      There now is only a single hash instead of a hash per constructor and message.
      * [lang/ir] add InkTrait::attrs() getter
      * [lang/ir] add re-exports for most InkTrait types
      * [lang/codegen] initial implementation of #[ink::trait_definition] codegen
      Does not yet include the verification hash generation.
      * [lang/codegen] refine codegen for ink! trait definitions
      * [lang, lang/codegen] use correct trait for ink! trait definition checking
      * [lang/codegen] rework crate exposed API
      * [lang/ir] fix return value of ir::InkTrait::new
      * [lang/macro] update codegen driver for ink! trait definition
      * [core, lang/codegen, lang/ir, metadata] apply clippy suggestions
      * [lang/codegen, lang/ir, lang/macro, lang] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/macro] add ink_lang_codegen dependency
      Needed for #[ink::trait_definition] proc. macro.
      * [core/derive] use _ as const name instead of generated one
      * [lang/codegen] prefix {Constructo,Message}DispatchEnum ident with __ink_
      * [lang/codegen] use payable instead of is_payable
      * [lang/codegen] hide some generated types
      * [lang/ir] improve error span of bad storage struct visibility
      * [core] add CallBuilder::returns to signal return type
      Also this adds CallBuilder::fire as a quick way to fire off the call.
      The CallBuilder::invoke_params and CallBuilder::eval_params are no longer needed and thus removed.
      * [lang/ir] implement ToTokens for ir::Receiver
      * [lang/codegen] apply #[doc(hidden)] to generated call forwarders
      * [lang/codegen] slightly clean-up code
      * [lang/codegen] use new call infrastructure for call forwarders
      * [lang/codegen] add codegen for short-hand cross-contract message calls
      * [lang/codegen] add #[inline] to generated short-hand message calls
      * [lang/codegen] improve short-hand call error message
      * [lang/codegen] do not generate conflicting impls
      * [lang/codegen] generate non-ink! specific user defined items
      * [lang/ir] remove some commented out code
      * [core, lang/ir] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add CreateBuilder::instantiate
      * [lang/codegen] fix generate_arg_list
      * [lang/codegen] add cross-calling codegen for non-trait constructor impls
      * [lang/codegen] add an associated type per trait constructor in ink! trait definition
      * [lang/codegen] remove former Output associated type in ink! trait definition
      * [lang] re-export trait_definiction proc. macro from ink_lang crate
      * [lang/ir] expose InkTrait::compute_verify_hash
      * [lang/ir] add ir::ItemImpl::trait_ident
      * [lang/codegen] fix some bugs with trait_definition codegen
      * [lang/codegen] add codegen for cross-calling ink! trait implementations
      * [lang/codegen] surpress warning in generated code
      * [lang/codegen] fix bug in generated trait constructors
      * [lang/codegen] add codegen for trait implementation blocks
      * [lang/ir] allow access to parent impl block from within a CallableWithSelector
      * [lang/codegen] make dispatch trait impls more explicit for trait impls
      * [lang/codegen] fix and fully implement cross-calling (trait) impl blocks
      Works now for both trait impl blocks as well as inherent impl blocks.
      Only missing piece now is the codegen for the call forwarders and their impl blocks.
      * [lang/ir] add ir::ItemImpl::attrs getter
      * [lang/codegen] add codegen for impl block attributes for cross-calling
      * [lang/codegen] correctly re-generate attributes for impl blocks
      * [lang/codegen] generate forwarder inherent impl blocks
      * [lang, lang/codegen] adjust ink::trait_definition proc. macro codegen
      Now it also generates an associated return type per message.
      Those have to respect the ink_lang::ImpliesReturn trait.
      * [lang/codegen] add cross-calling call forwarder codegen for trait impl blocks
      * [lang] add NeverReturns utility codegen type
      * [lang/codegen] implement codegen for cross-calling trait impl blocks
      * [*] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/codegen] apply some clippy suggestions
      * [lang/codegen] always use std feature for itertools dependency
      Otherwise codegen won't work for Wasm32 compilations.
      * [lang/ir] fix error span for bad event visibility modifier
      * [lang/ir, lang/codegen] fix event fields codegen
      * [lang/codegen] fix incorrectly generated EmitEvent trait impl
      * [lang/codegen] fix bugs with ink-as-dependency and event usage
      * [lang, lang/codegen] add ContractEnv trait
      Used to query EnvTypes trait impl using the ink! storage struct.
      * [lang, lang/codegen] implement payable messages and dynamic storage alloc
      Now it is possible to control whether to use the dynamic storage allocator provided by ink! in ink! itself.
      Also this PR implements codegen for non-payable messages.
      * [lang/macro, lang/codegen] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/ir] error upon payable constructor
      ink! constructors are payable by default.
      * [core] remove EnvTypes::Call associated type
      No longer needed since we just removed the ability to directly call the runtime.
      * [core] add MAX_EVENT_TOPICS to EnvTypes trait
      * [lang, lang/codegen] optimize message payment checks codegen
      * [lang/ir, lang/codegen] dynamic storage allocator: rename + change default
      New default is set to "false" so only contracts that actually use this feature need to specify it.
      Also renamed to dynamic_storage_allocator to better carry intention.
      * [lang, lang/codegen] add codegen to guard against too many event topics
      * [lang/codegen] pull topic guards codegen out of topics impl codegen const
      * [lang/codegen] split event topic guards into their own method
      * [lang] apply rustftm
      * [lang/ir] remove unnecessary lifetime
      * [lang] make use of deny_payment internally
      * [lang/macro] ignore UI compile tests for now
      These will be re-enabled for the follow-up PR.
      * [metadata] rename is_payable -> payable (also for metadata format)
      * [lang/ir] resolve duplicate code for non-pub visibility checking
      Was duplicated for events and storage structs.
      * [lang/ir] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/codegen] removed commented-out code and update license header
      * [lang/codegen] update crate description
      * [core] move CreateParams impl blocks closer to struct definition
      * [lang/macro] use US english
      * [core] fix incorrect doc comment
  2. 23 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Implement [ink::test] proc macro (#490) · 552d38bb
      Michael Müller authored
      * [lang] Introduce [ink::test] macro
      * [core] Migrate some tests to use [ink::test] macro
      * Address comments
      * Apply cargo fmt
      * [lang] Ensure generated code behaves as if test fn has no return value
      * [examples] Migrate tests to use [ink::test] macro
      * [core] Revert core using [ink::test]
      * [lang] Use all available parameters
      * [lang] Remove unused imports
      * [lang] Remove implicit Ok(())
      * [core] Apply cargo fmt
      * [lang] Make it clearer where ItemFn comes from
      * Apply cargo fmt
  3. 10 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Implement Entry API for storage2::LazyHashMap (#480) · c22562ac
      Michael Müller authored
      * [core] Rename Entry to Internal Entry
      * [core] Add Entry API for storage2::LazyHashMap
      * [core] Add storage2::LazyHashMap::len()
      * [core] Migrate tests to use storage2::LazyHashMap::len()
      * [core] Implement FromIterator and Extend for storage2::LazyHashMap
      * [core] Implement macro to generate LazyHashMap + HashMap Entry API tests
      * [core] Remove redundant storage2::HashMap Entry API tests
      * [core] Make storage2::HashMap Entry API use storage2::LazyHashMap's Entry API
      * [core] Move parameterized Entry API tests into separate file
      * [core] Rename InternalEntry to StorageEntry
      * [core] Make lazy_hmap module public
      * [core] Generate Entry API benches for LazyHashMap and HashMap from macro
      * [core] Minor streamlining
      * [core] Display hashmap variant in benchmark description
      * [core] Fix comment
      * [core] Fix typos
      * [core] Make more use of BTreeMap Entry API
      * [core] Replace unwrap with expect
      * [core] Improve comment
      * [core] Handle loading from storage
      * [core] Restrict unsafe
      * [core] Less ops for case "entry not in cache, but in storage"
      * [core] Rename len()
      * [core] Fix typo
      * [core] Fix visibility
      * [core] Address comments
      * [core] Add test to verify that cache is marked as 'Mutated'
      * [core] Shorten code with utility function
      * [core] Improve naming
  4. 25 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Sync with Substrate RC6 (#478) · ba5aed19
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] remove get_runtime_storage and invoke_runtime
      * [core] invalidate all implementations and usages of ext functions
      * [core] adjust ext_ functions in ext.rs
      * [core] add ReturnFlags to public API
      * [core] remove off-chain impls for get_runtime_storage and invoke_runtime
      * [core] rename ext::ext_input -> ext::input
      * [core] change return type of get_contract_storage
      Previously returned Option<Result<R>> and now returns Result<Option<R>>.
      This change is more pragmatic.
      * [core] add conversion from ext::Error to EnvError
      * [core] on-chain: add new utilities for static buffer modifications
      - EncodeScope: for efficiently appending encoded values
      - ScopedBuffer: for efficiently chunking buffers
      * [core] add impls for on-chain property getters
      * [core] remove no longer needed utiltiy function
      * [core] on-chain: new impl for invoke_contract and eval_contract
      * [core] on-chain: new impl for get_contract_storage
      * [core] on-chain: new impl for decode_input
      We should also rename this to simply "input" later.
      * [core] on-chain: new impl for output
      Now also uses the new ReturnFlags abstraction.
      * [core] on-chain: new impl for instantiate_contract
      * [core] on-chain: remove unused API
      * [core] on-chain: move EncodeScope and ScopedBuffer to buffer.rs
      * [core] on-chain: implement rest of the on-chain API
      * [core] add ScopedBuffer::take_bytes
      * [core] Add Env::call_chain_extension trait method
      * [core] remove unused helper methods
      * [core] on-chain: simplify static buffer
      - No more length
      - No more encodable
      - Only full range access
      * [core] add env::call_chain_extension public API
      * [core] rename Env::output -> return_value
      * [core] off-chain: adjust a bunch of off-chain methods to new interfaces
      * [core] off-chain: adjust get_contract_storage return type
      * [core] off-chain: remove RuntimeCallHandler and RuntimeStorage facilities
      * [core] off-chain: adjust some tests
      * [core] off-chain: remove OffCall utility type
      * [core] off-chain: implement chain extension handler
      * [core] adjust panic message
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] apply clippy suggestion
      * [core] off-chain: re-export ChainExtension and ChainSpec types from test API
      * [core] on-chain: retain panic messages
      * [core] rename ext_ to seal_ for all on-chain functions
      * [alloc] fix some warnings and add some minor comments
      * [core] add wasm_import_module = "seal0"
      * [core] introduce new Seal error codes
      * [core] directly return ReturnCode from C-FII
      * [core] make transfer return Result
      * [core] improve some doc comments
      * rename some old errors to their new names
      * [core] remove unused env errors and rename some off-chain errors
      * [core] fix bug in ReturnFlags::set_reverted (formerly known as set_trapped)
      * [core] avoid From impl for () for OffChainError
      * [lang] adjust lang layer for changes in core
      - Remove invoke_runtime
      - Remove get_runtime_storage
      - Rename gas_price -> weight_to_fee
      - Add ReturnFlags to return_value call
      * [core] turn redundant asserts into debug_assert
      * [core] be more strict when handling ext::get_storage error
      * [core] implement clippy suggestion
      * [examples] remove no longer useful runtime-storage contract
      We no longer support the get_runtime_storage host function.
      It will eventually be reintroduced at a later point through chain extensions.
      * [core] disable chain extensions by default
      Can be enabled by experimental crate feature:
      - unstable_chain_extensions
      * [lang] apply clippy suggestion to use matches! macro
      * [core] fix docs for ext_return
      Co-authored-by: Alexander Theißen's avatarAlexander Theißen <alex.theissen@me.com>
      * [core] fix return type of api::return_value
      Not sure why the compiler didn't mention this return type failure ...
      Co-authored-by: Alexander Theißen's avatarAlexander Theißen <alex.theissen@me.com>
      * [core] fix doc comment of Env::return_value
      * [core] introduce RawReturnCode as a layer between Seal error codes and ink!
      * [alloc] make #[alloc_error_handler] private
      * [alloc, core] move alloc_handler from ink_alloc to ink_core
      * [core] replace useless intermediate ReturnCode type
      * [core] rename RawReturnCode -> ReturnCode
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] off-chain: rename invoke -> eval for chain extension calling
      * [core] use Ptr32 and Ptr32Mut to encapsulate pointer -> u32 conversions
      * [core] make new Ptr32 and Ptr32Mut abstractions more type safe
      Co-authored-by: Alexander Theißen's avatarAlexander Theißen <alex.theissen@me.com>
  5. 20 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      [core] Add Entry API for storage2::HashMap (#477) · eeb6bc0f
      Michael Müller authored
      * [core] Add Entry API for storage2::HashMap
      * [core] Replace unwrap's with expect's
      * [core] Shorten code
      * [core] Improve tests
      * [core] Improve tests
      * [core] Add benches for storage2::HashMap Entry API
      * [core] Update comments
      * [core] Add + update benches
      * [core] Improve benches code, add more benches
      * [core] Improve expect messages
      * [core] Simplify test structure
      * [core] Implement review comments
      * [core] Shorten bench code
      * [core] Fix bench iterations
      * [core] Minimze black_box'es
      * [core] Remove code dups
      * [core] Shorten code
  6. 15 Jul, 2020 2 commits
    • Andrew Jones's avatar
      [metadata] update to scale-info 0.3, removes string interning (#467) · d99ea915
      Andrew Jones authored
      * WIP
      * WIP
      * Iterating on InkProject types
      * Extract InkProject to its own file
      * More iteration on contract metadata
      * Compiles...ship it
      * Fmt
      * Add optional fields and doc test
      * Add custom serializer impls for compiler/lang
      * Fmt
      * Clippy
      * Update to scale-info 0.3
      * Use &'static str instead of compact string (scale-info 0.3)
      * Reexport Url and Version
      * Fix missing semicolon
      * Fix up metadata exports and codegen
      * Serialize hash as byte string
      * Remove spec nesting
      * Remove name from contract spec
      * Add name to storage struct
      * Flatten SourceCompiler
      * Implement ToTokens for Extension metadata
      Allows converting an instance into code that can construct that instance. For use from `cargo-contract`.
      * User and Version
      * Fix up builder ToTokens and other errs/warns
      * Fmt
      * Url wrapper
      * Comment and Version/Url intos
      * Fmt
      * Fix U
      * Promote extension to module dir
      * Moved InkProjectExtension to cargo-contract
      * Fix doc gen
      * Fix json tests
      * Use pretty assertions and fix layout json tests
      * Remove storage name from layout (ink specific)
      * StorageLayout -> Layout
      * Remove redundant contract_ident_lit
      * Remove redundant dependencies
      * Use Self instead of InkProject
    • Andrew Jones's avatar
      [core] export test::env::EmittedEvent (#476) · 5a944ca2
      Andrew Jones authored
      * Export EmittedEvent
      * Assert transfer event in all tests
      * Fmt
  7. 10 Jul, 2020 2 commits
    • Michael Müller's avatar
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      [core] Optimize dynamic storage allocator (#472) · e96513a6
      Michael Müller authored
      * [core] Fix typos
      * [core] Add BitStash::is_completely_full()
      * [core] Split logic and get rid of loop
      * [core] Add benchmarks for storage2::BitStash
      * [core] Shorten code
      * [core] Remove outcommented code
      * [core] Get rid of warnings
      * [core] Apply cargo fmt
      * [core] Remove unnecessary mutable
      * [core] Remove unnecessary check
      * [core] Add more storage2::BitStash benchmarks
      * [core] Fix benches (panics for empty_cache::one_put)
      * [core] Fix empty_cache::one_put bench
      * Revert "[core] Remove outcommented code"
      This reverts commit 98a74324.
      * [core] Improve benchmark labels
      * [core] Use iter_batched_ref consistently
      * [core] Remove unnecessary black_box
      * Revert "Revert "[core] Remove outcommented code""
      This reverts commit aaf24713.
      * [core] Satisfy clippy
  8. 07 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      [core] Add storage2::Lazy::set(…) (#466) · 68ac2124
      Michael Müller authored
      * [core] Fix typo
      * [core] Add Lazy::set(…)
      * [core] Add benchmarks for Lazy::set(…)
      * [core] Improve comments
      * [core] Set must not write to contract storage
      * [core] Benchmark set vs deref_mut (not set vs get_mut + assign)
      * [core] Bench with Lazy instead of LazyCell
      * Update core/src/storage2/lazy/lazy_cell.rs
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
      * [core] Rename file
      * [core] Push actual Lazy<i32> when returning Lazy<i32>
      * [core] Add elaborate set() test with push/pull
      * [core] Shorten code
      * [core] Fix 0 ps issue with criterion
      * [core] Remove unnecessary comment
      * [core] Add #[inline] attribute
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
  9. 02 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Andrew Jones's avatar
      [core] add gas arg to ext_gas_price (#461) · 2456fdd2
      Andrew Jones authored
      * add gas argument
      * Add gas parameter to ext_gas_price
      * Fix up gas_price offchain api
      * Fix up env_access api
      * Emulate gas price calculation
      * Make clippy happy
      * Use Saturating impl for emulating gas price calculation offchain
      * Fmt
      * Add offchain gas_price test
      * Make clippy happy
  10. 30 Jun, 2020 3 commits
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Support quickcheck based property testing (#319) · 30fe10df
      Michael Müller authored
      * Support quickcheck tests
      Quickcheck runs multiple tests in one thread, whereas the
      testing environment expects one test per thread, since the
      offchain env is `thread_local!`.
      This commit adds the possibility to have each test run
      with an explicitly uninitialized env.
      * Introduce ink-fuzz feature
      Computationally expensive fuzzing tests should have
      to be run explicitly with `--features ink-fuzz`.
      These tests must be marked `#[cfg(feature = "ink-fuzz")]`.
      * Add quickcheck property testing for HashMap
      * Make ink-fuzz imply std feature
      * Support quickcheck tests
      By adding the ability to reset the offchain environment explicitly.
      * Apply rustfmt
      * [core] Remove unnecessary code due changes in master in the meantime
      * [core] More removals of no longer necessary code
      * [core] Apply cargo fmt
      * [core] Rename ink-fuzz to ink-fuzz-tests
      * [core] Split fuzz tests into separate file
      * [core] Improve naming
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
      * [core] Replace for_each with for loop
      * [core] Replace for_each with for loop
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
    • Andrew Jones's avatar
      [metadata] rename abi crate to metadata (#465) · 59dcb1ba
      Andrew Jones authored
      * git mv abi metadata
      * mm
      * Rename codegen abi to metadata
      * Fmt
    • Andrew Jones's avatar
      [core] update arithmetic traits, add saturating impls (#463) · 65e094e1
      Andrew Jones authored
      * extract arithmetic types
      * Add basic saturating tests
      * Fmt
      * Add comment about EnvTypes bounds
  11. 22 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Implement storage2::Stash::remove_occupied unsafe function (#440) · cf6e7106
      Michael Müller authored
      * [core] Add stash::remove()
      * [core] Add benchmarks: take() vs remove()
      * [core] Add benchmark for worst case of take()
      * [core] Make worst case test even worse
      * [core] Add assertions
      * [core] Rename stash.remove() to stash.remove_occupied() and make it unsafe
      * [core] Add code for linking list entries when removing one
      * [core] Add test for remove with multiple push/pulls
      * [core] Improve code
      * [core] Do not actually read value in remove_occupied()
      * [core] Make clippy happy
      * [core] Upgrade criterion
      * [core] Remove unnecessary code branches
      * [core] Refactor logic
      * [core] Rename file
      * [core] Remove criterion temporarily
      * Add new ops for storage2/vec (#453)
      * Fix typo
      * [core] Add vec.set()
      * [core] Add vec.clear()
      * [core] Add benchmarks for vec.put() and vec.clear()
      * [core] Minor improvements
      * [core] Add user comment
      * [core] Improve style
      * [core] Add worst case benches
      * [core] Include comments from review
      * [core] Apply cargo fmt
      * [core] Remove unnecessary variable
      * [core] Include put worst case bench
      * [core] Rename benches to lazy vs. cached
      * [core] Reduce benchmark overhead by preventing cache writes
      * [core] Add black boxes to prevent over optimization
      * [core] improve benchmarks for new storage vector operations (#457)
      * [core] optimize LazyIndexMap::put
      * [core] put some forgotten black_box instances
      * [core] further minor improvements to the benchmarks
      * [core] Add criterion dependency workaround
      * [core] Change vec.set() to return Result<(), IndexOutOfBounds>
      * [core] Remove outdated comment
      * [core] Minor fixes
      * [core] Minor test fixes
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
      * [core] Structure and update benches
      * [core] Address 'unused Result that must be used'
      * [core] Clean up code
      * [core] Remove outdated files
      * [core] Apply cargo fmt
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
      * [core] Wrap comment
      * [core] Constrain mutability
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
  12. 19 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Add new ops for storage2/vec (#453) · d4cbfcea
      Michael Müller authored
      * Fix typo
      * [core] Add vec.set()
      * [core] Add vec.clear()
      * [core] Add benchmarks for vec.put() and vec.clear()
      * [core] Minor improvements
      * [core] Add user comment
      * [core] Improve style
      * [core] Add worst case benches
      * [core] Include comments from review
      * [core] Apply cargo fmt
      * [core] Remove unnecessary variable
      * [core] Include put worst case bench
      * [core] Rename benches to lazy vs. cached
      * [core] Reduce benchmark overhead by preventing cache writes
      * [core] Add black boxes to prevent over optimization
      * [core] improve benchmarks for new storage vector operations (#457)
      * [core] optimize LazyIndexMap::put
      * [core] put some forgotten black_box instances
      * [core] further minor improvements to the benchmarks
      * [core] Add criterion dependency workaround
      * [core] Change vec.set() to return Result<(), IndexOutOfBounds>
      * [core] Remove outdated comment
      * [core] Minor fixes
      * [core] Minor test fixes
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
  13. 17 Jun, 2020 3 commits
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Avoid heap allocations for contract dispatch (#449) · f5b3c481
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] add Env::decode_input
      * [lang/macro] remove unneeded crate dependencies
      # Conflicts:
      #	lang/macro/Cargo.toml
      * [lang, lang/macro] add message dispatcher type code generation
      * [lang/macro] add constructor dispatch enum code generation
      * [lang] add executor functions and Execute trait
      * [core] add decode_input to public env API
      * [lang] fix incorrect trait bound in execute_message
      * [lang/macro] add code generation for ink_lang::Execute
      * [lang/macro] integrate Execute trait impls into contract dispatch
      * [lang/macro] fix bug with constructors and messages with multiple inputs
      * [lang] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/macro] apply rustfmt + fix clippy warnings
      * [lang] remove testable module
      * [lang] clean-up lang module after implementing new dispatch codegen
      # Conflicts:
      #	lang/src/dispatcher.rs
      * [lang] re-enable alloc init and finalize
      * [lang] apply rustfmt
      * [core] remove Env::input function
      It has been deprecated. Users should use Env::decode_input function instead.
      # Conflicts:
      #	core/src/env/engine/off_chain/mod.rs
      * [core, examples] fix move of CallData to env::test API
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [examples] fix examples Selector::from_str -> new
      * [examples] fix multisig_plain doc-test import
      * [examples] apply rustfmt to multisig_plain example
      * [lang/macro] resolve some code dupes
    • Andrew Jones's avatar
      [abi] update to scale-info v0.2 (#454) · af1ab521
      Andrew Jones authored
      * Update to latest scale-info
      * scale-info 0.2
      * Merge branch 'master' into aj-update-scale-info
      # Conflicts:
      #	primitives/src/key.rs
      * Fmt
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Integrate new Key and KeyPtr types into rest of ink! (#447) · d095dd07
      Hero Bird authored
      * [primitives] add scale::{Encode, Decode} impls for Key
      * [primitives] add #[inline] annotations to scale::{Encode, Decode} impls for Key
      * [primitives] remove old Key and old KeyPtr abstractions
      # Conflicts:
      #	primitives/src/key.rs
      * [abi] adjust codebase to new Key and KeyPtr abstractions
      * [core] first step towards new Key and KeyPtr abstractions
      * [primitives] add core::ops::Add impl to Key for testing
      * [primitives] add Add impls for ref and value Key
      * [primitives] add Key::as_bytes for little-endian architectures
      * [primitives] add HasType{Id, Def} for Key
      * [core] adjust ink_core::env for Key and KeyPtr changes
      * [core] adjust ink_core::storage2 for Key and KeyPtr changes
      * [lang] adjust ink_lang for Key and KeyPtr changes
      * [lang/macro] adjust for Key and KeyPtr changes
      * [core] fix lazy_cell Debug unit test
      * [primitives] remove type_metadata impls, add scale_info impl
      * [abi, core] update unit tests for Key changes
      * [primitives] rename key2 -> key and key_ptr2 -> key_ptr module
      * [primitives] rename bench functions key2 -> key
      * [primitives] use Fields::unnamed
  14. 16 Jun, 2020 1 commit
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Remove ink_primitives::hash module (#450) · ef3b1375
      Hero Bird authored
      * [primitives, lang/macro] remove ink_primitives::hash module
      # Conflicts:
      #	primitives/src/lib.rs
      * [core] remove ink_core's Selector::{from_str, from<&[u8]>} constructors
      * [examples] fix DNS contract
      * [examples] fix ers20
      * [examples] fix other example smart contracts
      * [examples] apply rustfmt
  15. 13 Jun, 2020 4 commits
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Remove old modules after storage2 transition (#446) · 2021becf
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] remove old storage module
      # Conflicts:
      #	core/src/storage/alloc/bump_alloc.rs
      #	core/src/storage/alloc/dyn_alloc.rs
      #	core/src/storage/cell/sync_cell.rs
      #	core/src/storage/chunk/sync_chunk/chunk.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/binary_heap/duplex_sync_chunk.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/binary_heap/impls.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/bitvec/block.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/bitvec/pack.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/bitvec/vec.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/btree_map/impls.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/btree_map/node.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/hash_map/impls.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/stash/impls.rs
      #	core/src/storage/collections/vec/impls.rs
      #	core/src/storage/value.rs
      * [abi] remove old layout module
      # Conflicts:
      #	abi/src/layout.rs
      #	abi/src/lib.rs
      * [abi] remove abi_derive sub crate
      # Conflicts:
      #	abi/derive/src/has_layout.rs
      #	abi/derive/src/impl_wrapper.rs
      #	abi/src/lib.rs
      * [core/derive] remove Flush and AllocateUsing derives + tests
      * [abi] remove unused function
      * [abi] remove unused tests and simplify imports
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Avoid heap memory allocations for cross-contract calls and instantiations (#439) · 870095c8
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] add ExecutionInput abstraction
      * [core, lang] adjust env and lang abstractions for call builder changes
      * [lang/macro] adjust cross-call codegen to use new call infrastructure
      * [core] add #[inline] to many call infrastructure functions
      * [core, lang] apply rustfmt
      * [core, lang, lang/macro] avoid heap mem alloc for instantiations as well
      * [core] add inline annotations to some instantation infrastructure
      * [core] fix clippy warning
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [examples] fix multisig_plain example contract
      * [examples] apply rustfmt
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Make ink! lang use ink_core::storage2 module (#422) · 1e312d1e
      Hero Bird authored
      * [abi] create new layout trait and structures
      * [abi] remove unused import
      * [abi] add missing license header
      * [abi] fix clippy warning
      * [primitives] add KeyPtr to ink_primitives
      * [core] use KeyPtr through ink_primitives and add ExtKeyPtr trait
      * [abi] use KeyPtr of ink_primitives
      * [abi] make EnumLayout use StructLayout
      * [abi] implement custom serde::Serialize for LayoutKey
      * [abi] implement IntoCompact for layout2 module types
      * [abi] add doc comment
      * [abi] apply rustfmt
      * [abi] add unit test for LayoutKey serialization
      * [abi] rename ArrayLayout::array -> new
      * [abi] add dispatch_key field to enum layout
      * [abi] derive From for all Layout variants
      * [abi] add unit tests for the new layout traits and data structures
      * [abi] add experimental CellLayout
      * [abi] make tests work again for layout2
      * [abi] use specialized serializer function for LayoutKey
      * [abi] refactor UnboundedLayout
      * [abi] add unit test for UnboundedLayout
      * [abi] apply rustfmt
      * [core/derive] slightly refactor code
      * [abi] simplify enum test
      * [primitives] derive Debug, Copy and Clone for KeyPtr
      * [abi] simplify CellLayout::new
      * [abi] fix calling incorrect constructor for LayoutKey
      * [abi] move layout2 module file into directory
      * [core] add StorageLayout trait to storage2 module
      * [abi_derive, core_derive] remove unnecessary extern crate proc_macro
      * [core] imply ink-generate-abi feature by std feature
      * [core] derive Metadata for env types for std feature
      * [core] add Key, Hash, AccountId and String StorageLayout impls
      * [core/derive] add initial structure for StorageLayout derive
      * [core] add StorageLayout impls for some more prelude types
      * [core] fix Box<T> impl for StorageLayout trait
      * [core] implement StorageLayout for storage2::{Memory, Pack, LazyArray}
      * [core] fix StorageLayout impl for LazyArray
      * [core] implement StorageLayout for LazyIndexMap
      * [abi] add HashLayout
      * [abi] rewrite UnboundedLayout test to HashLayout test
      * [abi] remove unbounded layout
      * [abi, core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add initial skeleton for StorageLayout tests
      * [core] add StorageLayout impls for Lazy, LazyCell and LazyHashMap
      * [core] add StorageLayout impls for Option and Result
      * [core] add LayoutCryptoHasher trait
      * [core] fix StorageLayout impl for LazyHashMap
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add StorageLayout impl for storage2::Vec
      * [core] add StorageLayout for storage2::SmallVec
      * [core] implement StorageLayout for storage2::Stash
      * [core] implement StorageLayout for storage BitStash, Bitvec and HashMap
      * [core] improve StorageLayout impl for storage2::Vec
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [abi] fix clippy warning
      * [core] add StorageLayout impl for storage2::alloc::Box
      * [core] add StorageLayout impl for DynamicAllocator
      * [core/derive] impl StorageLayout derive for struct items
      * [core/derive] make StorageLayout derive work for enum items
      * [core/derive] fix expansion for nested enums
      * [core/derive] fix a bug with nested enums
      * [core/derive] add unit test for MixedEnum
      * [core/derive] apply rustfmt
      * [lang] add revision 2 module
      * [core] remove generic T: EnvTypes param from Dispatch trait
      * [lang] remove unnecessary import
      * [lang] remove unnecessary generic parameter
      * [lang/macro] generate codegen for the new v2 traits
      * [core] re-export SpreadLayout and PackedLayout macros from within ink_core
      * [lang] further adjustments to make ink_lang_macro work with storage2
      * [lang, core] apply rustfmt
      * [lang] fix clippy warning
      * [lang] fix some bugs with constructors without inputs
      * [examples] adjust the Flipper example contract for the changes
      * [lang] remove codegen for testing ink! contracts
      No longer needed.
      * [lang] remove test-env crate feature
      * [lang] minor improvements to EnvAccess utility type
      * [examples] remove unused import for Flipper
      * [examples] remove test-env crate feature for Flipper
      * [lang] remove unused IdentType::span method
      * [examples] Flipper: adjust contract for ink_lang changes
      * [examples] adjust Erc20 for the ink_lang changes
      * [examples] fix some indentation in Cargo.toml
      * [examples] adjust DNS contract for ink_lang changes
      * [examples] adjust ERC721 for ink_lang changes
      There is still a bug that we need to fix in ink_core.
      * [example] adjust lib.rs of ERC721 to ink_lang changes
      * [examples] adjust Delegator example contract for ink_lang changes
      * [lang_macro] generate SpreadLayout and PackedLayout impls for cross-calling wrappers
      * [core] release storage2::Stash::entries() iterator for non-testing API
      * [core] add SpreadLayout and PackedLayout impls for () type
      * [examples] convert multisig contract example to new ink_lang
      * [examples] fix incrementer Cargo.toml indentations
      * [examples] adjust runtime-storage example contract for ink_lang changes
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [lang] generate correct attributes for messages
      * [examples] make use of derive(Default) for DNS example
      * [lang_macro] improve some ink! error messages
      * [lang_macro] update all compile tests
      * [examples] multisig: ignore doc test
      This needs serious fixing later! @athei
      * [lang] remove old ink_lang abstractions
      * [lang] remove no longer needed ink_lang modules
      * [lang_macro] add compile test for derive on storage struct
      * [examples] ignore failing doc test
      * [examples] actually ignore the failing doc-test for multi-sig
      * [lang] move v2 module back to origin
      * [lang_macro] adjust codegen for new dispatch module structure of ink_lang
      * [lang_macro] no longer impl ink_core::{Flush, AllocateUsing} for ink! dependencies
      * [lang_macro] use root namespaces in codegen everywhere
      * [lang] apply rustfmt
      * [lang_macro] use only root namespaces in codegen (forgot some)
      * [lang] remove nightly Rust feature usage
      * [core] re-export StorageLayout from ink_core::storage2::traits
      * [lang,abi] adjust ink! metadata generation codegen to new layout
      * [lang] use root namespaces in codegen
      * [examples] apply rustfmt
      * [lang] update cross-calling codegen for new storage layout
      * [examples] update Delegator example contract
      * [examples] apply rustfmt
      * [abi] remove StorageLayout trait from ink_abi crate
      * [examples] apply rustfmt
      * [examples] fix clippy warning
      * [examples] fix multisig_plain contract
      * [examples] apply rustfmt
      * [examples] fix clippy warning
      * [examples] remove commented out code from multisig_plain example
      * [lang] refactor codegen for contract storage struct
      * [lang] fix unused import warning
      * [lang] eliminate CrossCallingConflictCfg
      * [lang] do not generate normal storage struct as dependency
      * [lang] re-introduce cross calling conflict cfg codegen
      * [lang/macro] refactor codegen for cross-calling
      * [lang] add new traits for Event connectors
      * [lang/macro] use connectors API for event codegen
      * [lang/macro] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/macro] remove out-of-ink-module export
      * [abi] fix selector encoding
      * [lang/macro] fix unused warning
      * [examples] adjust example smart contracts for recents ink_lang_macro changes
      * [abi] fix unit test for selector
      * [chores] update README ink! example
      * [alloc] silence warnings of unused unsafe for core::intrinsics::abort
      * [examples] apply rustfmt
      * [lang/macro] fix codegen for `cargo test`
      * [*] replace ink-generate-abi crate feature everywhere with std
      * [examples] fix Cargo.toml for generating metadata
      * [examples] move flipper/src/lib.rs one up
      * [examples] move lib.rs to root folder
      * [examples] fix Cargo.toml of ERC721
      * [examples] apply rustfmt to ERC20
      * [examples] apply rustfmt to ERC721
      * [examples] apply rustfmt to all examples
      * [abi] remove unused serialize_selector function
      * [examples] fix bug that DNS example still used type-metadata crate
      * [example] fix bug in multisig_plain example
    • Andrew Jones's avatar
      New metadata format (#296) · 5a7b7e5e
      Andrew Jones authored
      * Move spec tests to separate file
      * Add contract spec serialization test
      * Camel case field names
      * Encode selector as hex string
      * Move specs module back to top level
      * Move layout test to tests.rs
      * Layout externally tagged enums & camelCase
      * Format code
      * Rename TypeSpec::ty -> TypeSpec::id
      * TEMPORARY: Use my type-metadata branch
      * Derive TypeInfo for Key
      * Switch from type_metadata to scale_info
      * Convert layout to using scale-info
      * Fix scale-info optional dependencies
      * Fmt
      * Fix up straggling type-metadata dependency
      * scake-info master
      * Use scale-info from crates.io
      * oops
      * Fix compilation errors
      * Fmt
      * Fix examples manifests
      * Remove redundant into()
  16. 11 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  17. 09 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  18. 26 May, 2020 1 commit
  19. 25 May, 2020 2 commits
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Move collections/boxed to alloc/boxed (#415) · b302ebcf
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] move collections/boxed module to alloc module
      * [core] move main docs from boxed module to Box struct
      * [core] properly relink moved module
      * [core] remove unnecessary #Safety docs (not related to PR)
      * [core] apply rustfmt
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Add method to finalize the dynamic storage allocator (#418) · b0681a04
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] implement alloc::finalize for the dynamic storage allocator
      * [core] adjust tests for the changes
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] fix clippy warning
      * [core] add SAFETY comments to dynamic storage allocator for Wasm
      * [core] add a Note to the docs of alloc::{initialize, finalize}
  20. 23 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Eliminate some unsafe in storage2 module (#413) · 718b9f5e
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add CacheCell abstraction
      * [core] re-export CacheCell for other lazy abstractions
      * [core] make use of CacheCell in LazyIndexMap
      * [core] make use of CacheCell in LazyHashMap
      * [core] make use of CacheCell in LazyCell
      * [core] make use of CacheCell in LazyArray
      * [core] apply rustfmt
  21. 22 May, 2020 1 commit
  22. 21 May, 2020 1 commit
  23. 20 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Implement storage (revision 2) module (#311) · dffc8cf2
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] fix warnings related to Wasm compilation
      * [core] add SpreadLayout impl for DynamicAllocator
      * [core] remove unused method on Bits256RefMut
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] remove some unneded ToDo comments
      The ToDo comments have been moved to the associated PR description.
      * [core] transit to new traits for LazyIndexMap
      * [core] transit to new traits for storage::Vec
      * [core] transit to new traits for storage::Stash
      * [core] transit to new traits for storage::Bitvec
      * [core] transit to new traits for dynamic storage allocator
      * [core] transit to new traits for LazyHashMap
      * [core] transit to new traits for storage::HashMap
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] remove old storage traits for storage::Pack
      * [core] transit to new storage traits for LazyArray
      * [core] transit to new storage traits for storage::SmallVec
      * [core] transit to new storage traits for the rest of the lazy abstractions
      * [core] transit to new storage traits for storage::Box
      * [core] fix compile error in Drop impl for storage::Box
      * [core] remove old storage trait impls for Bits256
      * [core] remove old storage trait impls for dynamic storage allocator
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] remove old traits module
      * [core] replace KeyPtr2 usage with KeyPtr
      * [core] rename traits2 module to traits
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add Drop impl to storage::Vec
      * [core] don't clear storage if key is none for storage::Vec
      * [core] impl Drop for storage::Stash
      * [core] simplify trait bounds for LazyHashMap
      * [core] impl Drop for storage::HashMap
      * [core] add Drop impl for storage::SmallVec
      * [core] add are_trait_objects lint as deny
      * [core] fix minor formatting issue
      * [core] add storage2::Memory utility
      * [core] remove usage of storage::Pack from internals of storage::Bitvec
      * [core] remove usage of storage::Pack from internals of storage::Stash
      * [core] remove usage of storage::Pack from internals of storage::HashMap
      * [core] add better Debug impl for LazyIndexMap
      The improved impl shows the cached entries which were hidden in the old impl behind the UnsafeCell.
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] improve Debug impl for LazyHashMap
      It now displays its internal cached entries.
      * [core] improve Debug impl for lazy::Entry
      * [core] improve Debug impl for LazyCell
      * [core] improve Debug impl for LazyArray
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add REQUIRES_DEEP_CLEAN_UP to SpreadLayout
      With this we have a way for types to perform an optimized storage clean-up without having to load them in case they do not require a deep clean-up of their state.
      * [core] implement REQUIRES_DEEP_CLEAN_UP for all built-in types
      * [core] add non-storage trait impls for storage::HashMap
      * [core] simplify traits bounds of SpreadLayout impl for storage::HashMap
      * [core] fix bug in Wasm compilation
      * [core] add initial unit tests for storage::HashMap
      * [core] allow loading without key from LazyHashMap
      * [core] merge storage::HashMap insert and insert_get and fix bugs with it
      * [core] add new unit test for storage::HashMap
      * [core] generally allow lazy loading without keys for lazy abstractions
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] remove outdated docs of storage::HashMap::insert
      * [core] add unit test for storage::HashMap::contains_key
      * [core] apply rustfmt to storage::HashMap unit tests
      * [core] add unit test for storage::HashMap::{get, get_mut}
      * [core] fix the doc comment of storage::HashMap::remove
      * [core] add unit test for storage::HashMap::take
      * [core] add unit test for storage::HashMap::insert
      * [core] remove storage::HashMap::remove
      The API cannot be implemented properly at this point.
      * [core] implement Iterator::count efficiently for storage::HashMap iterators
      * [core] add prelude trait impls for crypto hashers
      * [core] add unit test for storage::HashMap::iter
      * [core] remove outdated doc comment line
      * [core] add doc comments to fowarding-to-packed utility functions
      * [core] add some high-level documentation for some root storage2 modules
      * [core] add some more high-level docs
      * [core] add return value to storage::Stash::defrag
      The returned value tells the caller how many storage cells have actually been freed by the routine.
      * [core] add return value to storage::HashMap::defrag
      * [core] add unit test for storage::HashMap::{values, values_mut}
      Also add tests for Iterator::size_hint impls.
      * [core] add tests for Iterator::size_hint impls of storage::Vec
      * [core] add unit test for storage::HashMap::keys
      * [core] add unit test for storage::HashMap::defrag
      * [core] add unit tests for LazyIndexMap
      * [core] remove lazy::Entry::take_value
      * [core] remove LazyIndexMap::take
      * [core] remove Entry::set_state
      Uses have been replaced with Entry::replace_state.
      * [core] remove Lazy{Array, HashMap}::take method
      Replace uses with Lazy{Array, HashMap}::put_get(.., None)
      * [core] add unit test for LazyIndexMap::put
      * [core] add unit test for LazyIndexMap::swap
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] cover Default impl of LazyIndexMap with unit test
      * [core] move imports to top for LazyIndexMap .rs file
      * [core] refactor lazy::Entry internals a bit
      * [core] add unit tests for Index impl of storage::Vec
      * [core] add unit tests for Index impl of storage::SmallVec
      * [core] add tests for Index impl of StorageStash
      * [core] improve panic message for Index{Mut} impl of storage::Stash
      * [core] add unit tests for Index{Mut} impl of storage::Stash
      * [core] extend unit test for storage::Stash::get
      * [core] disable certain tests in --release mode testing
      * [core] add unit test for LazyIndexMap::{get, get_mut}
      * [core] add some unit tests for LazyArray
      * [core] add some more unit tests for LazyArray
      * [core] add some more unit tests to LaryArray
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add unit tests for LazyCell
      * [core] add unit test for SpreadLayout impl of LazyCell
      * [core] extend SpreadLayout test for LazyCell
      * [core] extend SpreadLayout test to also cover the clear_spread impl
      * [core] rename unit test for LazyCell
      * [core] fix clippy warning
      * [core] fix some LazyCell cache entry in lazy form
      * [core] add new unit test for Debug impl of lazy initialized LazyCell
      * [core] add more unit tests for lazily initialized LazyCell
      * [core] implement shallow clean-up of storage via LazyCell
      * [core] test that a lazily loaded LazyCell preserves its cached value
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add additional check for LazyCell cache preservation
      * [core] fix bug in LazyIndexMap::clear_packed_at
      * [core] add unit test for SpreadLayout impl of LazyIndexMap
      * [core] fix bug in LazyArray::clear_packed_at
      * [core] add unit test for SpreadLayout impl of LazyArray
      * [core] make LazyArray::capacity and SmallVec::capcity more user friendly
      * [core] remove unnecessary trait bounds
      * [core] remove more unnecessary trait bounds
      * [core] add initial unit test for LazyHashMap
      * [core] add unit test for LazyHashMap::key_at
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] indent a block in test
      * [core] add unit test for LazyHashMap::put_get
      * [core] add unit test for LazyHashMap::{get, get_mut}
      * [core] add unit test for LazyHashMap::put
      * [core] add unit test for LazyHashMap::swap
      * [core] make hash builders reset their accumulator upon finalization
      * [core] add unit test for SpreadLayout impl of LazyHashMap
      * [core] fix unit test for LazyHashMap::key_at
      Also add prefix to hash-key calculation.
      * [core] add unit tests for SpreadLayout impl of storage::Vec
      * [core] add unit tests for SpreadLayout impl of storage::SmallVec
      * [core] add unit tests for SpreadLayout impl of storage::Stash
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add unit tests for SpreadLayout impl of storage::HashMap
      * [core] add unit test for DynamicAllocation::key
      * [core] add unit tests for SpreadLayout impl of storage::Bitvec
      * [core] fix LazyCell::get unit test
      * [core] remove unused dependencies from Cargo.toml
      * [core] add missing docs for storage::{Stash, HashMap}
      * [core] deny missing docs of public items
      * [core] add Debug impl to storage::Box
      * [core] add unit tests for storage::Box
      * [core] remove internal Pack::{get, get_mut} methods
      * [core] fix bug in storage::Memory::{get, get_mut} API
      * [core] add unit tests for storage::Pack
      * [core] improve storage::Pack unit tests
      * [core] experimental inline(never) for debug_assertions compilation
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] remove experimental #[inline(never)]
      * [core] add unit test for Default impl of storage::Pack
      * [core] add unit tests for storage::Memory
      * [core] fix a unit test for storage::Box
      The storage::Box tests did not reset the dynamic storage allocator instance in between their runs which caued them to have side effects on to each other if run single threaded.
      * [core] fix minor bug in BitRefMut utility of storage::Bitvec
      * [core] cover storage::Bitvec::get_mut in get_works unit test
      * [core] add unit tests for BitRefMut utility of storage::Bitvec
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] improve panic message when encountering a double free
      * [core] adjust double free unit test for storage::Box
      * [core] improve double free of dynamic storage panic message
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] merge Bits256Ref and Bits256RefMut into ChunkRef<T>
      * [core] split access.rs into bitref.rs and bitsref.rs
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] replace transmute with pointer cast
      Thanks clippy!
      * [core] add comment to explain repr(C)
      * [core] add PartialEq and Eq impls to BitRefMut
      * [core] add unit tests for ChunkRef
      * [core] add failure unit tests for dynamic storage allocator
      * [core] fix bug in SpreadLayout impl of Option<T>
      * [core] add unit test for dynamic storage allocator SpreadLayout impl
      * [core] fix SpreadLayout impl for Result<T, E>
      * [core] fix yet another bug in SpreadLayout impl of Result<T, E>
      * [core] move forward_supported_array_lens macro to usage site
      * [core] refactor some code duplication with clear_spread_root_opt
      * [core] fix doc comment in storage::Pack
      * [core] remove some unused unsafe blocks
      They are going to be re-introduced once the unsafe_op_in_unsafe_fn lint has been implemented in the Rust compiler.
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * [core] remove usage of storage::Pack in dynamic storage allocator
      * [core] improve panic message in Lazy::{get, get_mut}
      * [core] add test for SpreadLayout::clear_spread impl of dynamic storage alloc
      * [core] remove code dupe
      * [core] refactor clear_spread_root_opt utility function
      * [core] implement SpreadLayout::REQUIRES_DEEP_CLEAN_UP for some types
      * [core] move from bool to u8 for Option and Result SpreadLayout impls
      * [core] fix bug in SpreadLayout impl for Option
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * [core] update LazyCell SAFETY comment
      * [core] update Entry docs
      * [core] remove unneeded code in lazy::Entry::pull_packed_root
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * [core] remove commented out code
      * [core] add new unit test for dynamic storage allocator
      * [core] refactor global storage allocator initialization routines
      * [core] fix Wasm compilation errors
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] surpress bad clippy lint
      * [core] remove dead code
      * [core] improve call_setup_works test
      * [core] fix bug in initialize_for for off-chain env
      * [core] initial steps to factor out BitStash from DynamicAllocator
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add Derive impl for BitStash
      * [core] make use of storage::BitStash from dynamic storage allocator
      * [core] add unit tests for storage::BitStash
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] remove invalid TODO comment
      * [core] fix some out of bounds panic messages
      * [core] remove deliberate memory leak in test suite
      * [core] fix build failure for Wasm target
      * [core] add unit tests for SpreadLayout & PackedLayout impls of primitives
      * [core] add unit tests for packed layout explicitely
      * Fix some typos
      * Add simple double ended iter test
      * typos
      * comment typos
      * split hashmap to hash map in comments
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo in unreachable! message
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo in expects message
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * [core] add more comments to storage2::HashMap::defrag
      * [core] make early return for storage2::HashMap::defrag for limit = 0
      * [core] improve storage2::HashMap::contains_key implementation
      * [core] rename new_vec_works test to new_works
      * [core] apply Andrew's suggestions (and more)
      * [core] fix typo: increase -> decrease
      * [core] add panic to Bitvec::push in case it reached its maximum capacity
      * [core] update comments for storage bit stash
      * [core] add more explanation comments
      * [core] some more renamings of test internals
      * improve reasoning
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      * fix typo
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
      Co-authored-by: Andrew Jones's avatarAndrew Jones <ascjones@gmail.com>
  24. 27 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  25. 24 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  26. 23 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  27. 06 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  28. 30 Mar, 2020 1 commit
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Refactor and improve hash module (#372) · 46b28234
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] refactor and improve hash module
      * [core] rename hash_raw[_using] -> hash_bytes[_using]
      * [examples] fix runtime-storage contract example
  29. 25 Mar, 2020 2 commits
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Update to v2.1.0 (#370) · cca31543
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] fix unused warning
      * [*] bump version 2.0.0 -> 2.1.0
    • Hero Bird's avatar
      Initial implementation of high-level hashing infrastructure (#363) · b5a693bb
      Hero Bird authored
      * [core] initial implementation of high-level hashing infrastructure
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] add doc-comment to state some potential optimization
      * [core] add Wrap as another built-in way of creating an InputBuffer instance
      * [core] make &mut T implement InputBuffer if T: InputBuffer
      * [core] publicly export Wrap
      * [core] remove the two simple forms of all hash functions
      * [core] add extensive docs with examples to all hash functions
      * [core] fix doc tests
      * [core] fix bug in InputBuffer impl of Wrap
      * [core] add asserts to hash doc tests
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] simplify doc tests
      * [core] adjust doc comments for raw hashes
      * [core] improve docs
      * [core] add missing internal docs
      * [core] rename InputBuffer -> Accumulator
      * [core] apply rustfmt
      * [core] make Accumulator impl more explicit
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarNikolay Volf <nikvolf@gmail.com>
      * [core] make Accumulator impl less explicit
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarNikolay Volf <nikvolf@gmail.com>
      * [core] make Accumulator impl less explicit
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarNikolay Volf <nikvolf@gmail.com>
      * [core] make Accumulator impl less explicit
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarNikolay Volf <nikvolf@gmail.com>
      * [core] remove minor code dupe
      * [core] completely refactor hash module
      * [core] remove XX hash from low-level and high-level API
      * [core] fix typo in docs
      * [core] fix macro generated docs
      Co-authored-by: default avatarNikolay Volf <nikvolf@gmail.com>