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  6. 20 Jul, 2021 2 commits
    • Hernando Castano's avatar
      Add Bump Allocator (#831) · 5fd8f876
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Add bump allocator skeleton
      * Implement `alloc` for our bump allocator
      * Make the allocator usable globally
      * Remove unused `init()` function
      * Nightly RustFmt
      * Use global mutable static instead of Mutex
      This will reduce our use of dependencies which will hopefully
      reduce our final Wasm binary size.
      Also, apparently spinlocks aren't actually all that efficient.
      See: https://matklad.github.io/2020/01/02/spinlocks-considered-harmful.html
      * Stop assuming that memory is allocated at address `0`
      * Remove semicolon
      * Use correct address when checking if we're OOM
      * Remove unnecessary unsafe block
      * Return null pointers instead of panicking
      Panicking in the global allocator is considered undefined behaviour.
      * Use `checked_add` when getting upper limit memory address
      * Use `MAX` associated const instead of `max_value`
      * Inline `GlobalAlloc` methods
      * Turns out I can't early return from `unwrap_or_else` 🤦
      * Rollback my build script hacks
      * Add initialization function to allocator
      * Add some docs
      * Make the bump allocator the default allocator
      * Allow bump allocator to be tested on Unix platforms
      * Remove unecessary checked_add
      * Add error messages to unrecoverable errors
      * Remove `init` function from allocator
      Instead we now request a new page whenver we need it, regardless
      of whether or not it's the first time we're allocating memory.
      * Try switching from `mmap` to `malloc` when in `std` env
      * Fix `is_null()` check when requesting memory
      * Stop requesting real memory for `std` testing
      Instead this tracks pages internally in the same way that the Wasm
      environment would. This means we can test our allocator implementation
      instead of fighting with `libc`.
      * Gate the global bump allocator when not in `std`
      * Allow for multi-page allocations
      * Update the module documentation
      * Override `alloc_zeroed` implementation
      * Forgot to update Wasm target function name
      * Appease the spellchecker
      * Use proper English I guess
      * Get rid of `page_requests` field
      * Explicitly allow test builds to use test implementation
      * All link to zero'd Wasm memory reference
      * Check that our initial pointer is 0 in a test
      * Add `cfg_if` branch for non-test, `std` enabled builds
      * Simplify `cfg_if` statement
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Fix `clippy::self-named-constructor` (#866) · 4ff763c9
      Michael Müller authored
      error: constructor `lazy` has the same name as the type
      	   --> crates/storage/src/lazy/mod.rs:121:5
      	       121 | /     pub(crate) fn lazy(key: Key) -> Self {
      	       122 | |         Self {
      	       123 | |             cell: LazyCell::lazy(key),
      	       124 | |         }
      	       125 | |     }
      		   | |_____^
      	= note: `-D clippy::self-named-constructor` implied by `-D warnings`
      	= help: for further information visit https://rust-lang.github.io/rust-clippy/master/index.html#self_named_constructor
  7. 19 Jul, 2021 2 commits
  8. 13 Jul, 2021 4 commits
  9. 09 Jul, 2021 2 commits
    • Karel L. Kubat's avatar
      Implement binary_search for `collections::Vec` (#836) · 36bbdec1
      Karel L. Kubat authored
      * [storage] Implement binary_search
      * [storage] Add binary_search testcase for missing smaller element
      * [storage] use indexing instead of Vec::get
      Co-authored-by: Hero Bird's avatarRobin Freyler <robbepop@web.de>
      * [storage] Port binary_search tests from core
      * [storage] Format tests
      * [storage] Format tests
      * Remove old comment
      Co-authored-by: Hero Bird's avatarRobin Freyler <robbepop@web.de>
      * [storage] Incorporate review feedback
      * [CI] add comparator to spellcheck
      Porting binary_search to the storage Vec, including the documentation found in core, led to a failure in spellcheck. Since core is considered to be correct, it is updated on spellcheck.
      * incorporate review feedback
      * add permalink to stdlib source
      * Split long line
      * fix examples
      * RustFmt the doc examples
      Co-authored-by: Hero Bird's avatarRobin Freyler <robbepop@web.de>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarHernando Castano <hernando@hcastano.com>
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Use different mechanism to trigger `ink-waterfall` CI (#851) · 1747b345
      Michael Müller authored
      * Move `pre_cache` script to hidden folder
      * Add `trigger_pipeline` script from Polkadot
      * Use `trigger_pipeline` to trigger `ink-waterfall` CI
      * Update GitLab config
      * Update GitLab config
      * Add debug output
      * Revert me: Remove all other stages
      * More debugging
      * More debugging
      * More debugging
      * More debugging
      * Fix syntax
      * Check for env variable
      * Revert "Revert me: Remove all other stages"
      This reverts commit a15ec5b0.
      * Decrease response time
      * Remove unnecessary variables
      * Fix link
      * CI: chore
      * CI: add rules everywhere
      * CI: add rust info
      * Add image name and tag
      * Revert "Add image name and tag"
      This reverts commit 88cd94f0
      * CI: add image to run in k8s
      Co-authored-by: Denis_P's avatarDenis P <denis.pisarev@parity.io>
  10. 08 Jul, 2021 4 commits
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Fix Discord link (#848) · 5c79f3b8
      Michael Müller authored
    • Hernando Castano's avatar
      ERC-1155 Example (#800) · afc48714
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Add basic contract skeleton
      * Add dummy ERC-1155 trait implementations
      * Implement `balance_of` method
      * First attempt at `balance_of_batch` implementation
      I'm not sure if the output format is correct, need to read the docs
      more closely
      * Implement simple token transfer
      * Flatten balances BTreeMap
      * Clean up account usage in tests
      * Implement approval mechanism
      * Fix bug when sending tokens to an account with zero balance
      * Check approvals before sending tokens
      * Suppress warnings
      * Appease Clippy
      * Add crude support for token transfers to smart contracts
      * Simplify check for smart contract-ness
      * Handle receiving tokens as a smart contract
      * Implement `safe_transfer_from` method
      * Only do approval and recipient checks during in batch transfers
      * I was wrong about the compiler's cleverness...
      * Add documentation about interface
      * Make better use of some imports
      * Disallow owners from approving themselves for token tranfers
      * Allow creating and minting tokens
      * Derive default for storage struct
      * Add note on on-chain panic
      * Remove `with_balances` constructor
      It wasn't ERC-1155 compliant (no transfer events emitted) and it
      also leaked the internal structure of how balances were tracked.
      * RustFmt with Nightly
      Not sure I like some of the decisions though...
      * Tag on_received messages with selectors
      * Add missing event
      * Index topics in events
      * Remove note on BTreeSet usage
      Can't figure out how to get tests to compile with it.
      * Stop panicking on cross-contract call error
      However, this is only because I have no feedback on why this call
      is actually failing. This behaviour should be added back.
      * Nightly RustFmt
      * Fix RustDoc links
      * Remove inline questions
      * Remove unused `data` argument from `create/mint`
      * Rename magic value contants
      * Remove data argument from `mint/create` tests
      * Use entry API when decreasing account balance
      * Extract approvals pairs into struct
      This is better in terms of type safety and ease of use
      * Improve some of the panic messages
      * Cache calls to `self.env().caller()`
      * Allow `TransferSingle` events to contain Optional addresses
      This slightly deviates from the spec which says we should use the `0x00`
      address during certain operations, but this is more idiomatic Rust.
      * Add logging around calls to `onERC1155Received`
      * Improve debug message when receiving cross-contract results
      * Move warning lints to specific lines of code
      * Format code
      * Remove backticks from URLs
      Co-authored-by: Michael Müller's avatarMichael Müller <michi@parity.io>
      * Fix comment wording/typo
      * Add expected panic messages to tests
      * Move imports related to x-contract calls closer to use site
      * Change selector bytes to hex for the humans
      * Remove incorrect comment about off-chain environment testing
      * Add documentation for `TokenId`
      This will make sure that it doesn't show up as `u128` in
      the generated docs.
      * Nightly RustFmt
      * Uppercase selector bytes
      * Don't repeat `erc_1155` in `Erc1155TokenReceiver` methods
      * Nightly RustFmt
      * Appease the spellchecker
      * Use Environment typedef
      * Allow tests to run in stable and experimental off-chain envs
      * Add explanation as to why we don't accept tokens
      * Return `Result` when minting tokens
      * Allow (most) errors to be handled gracefully by caller
      * Nightly RustFmt
      * Add shorthand zero-address to allowed spelling list
      * Run tests with `--features ink-experimental-engine` in CI
      * Perform batch balance checks before trying to transfer tokens
      * Move smart contract transfer checks to their own helper function
      * Appease Clippy
      * Make `ensure` macro definition more explicit
      Co-authored-by: default avatarRobin Freyler <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
      * Iterate over values instead of references
      Co-authored-by: default avatarRobin Freyler <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
      * Iterate over references again
      * Return a value from `on_batch_received`
      * Don't collect into intermediate Vec
      * Wrap 0x00 in code blocks
      This way the spellchecker will ignore it and we
      can avoid adding it to our dictionary.
      Co-authored-by: Michael Müller's avatarMichael Müller <michi@parity.io>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarRobin Freyler <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
    • Karel L. Kubat's avatar
      [lang] catch illegal struct destructuring pattern in ink! message arguments. (#846) · 4e2c7c30
      Karel L. Kubat authored
      * [lang] catch illegal struct destructuring pattern in ink! message arguments.
      * fmt
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Add `ink-waterfall` to CI (#844) · 011bae31
      Michael Müller authored
  11. 02 Jul, 2021 1 commit
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Add example usage comments to `EnvAccess` methods (#797) · da5a1247
      Michael Müller authored
      * Add example usage comments to env methods
      * Remove superfluous line
      * wip
      * Remove debug code
      * Make doc comment examples compile
      * Remove superfluous line
      * Surround with complete contract code
      * Experiment with macro to reduce code duplication
      * Revert "Experiment with macro to reduce code duplication"
      This reverts commit f7319126
      * Add complete contract code in doc tests
      * Remove unnecessary `[dev-dependencies]`
      * Improve code in doc tests
      * Fix doc tests
      * Improve code appearance
      * Add better doc test examples
      * Make `gas` be of type `u64` instead of `Balance`
      * Make `gas` be of type `u64` instead of `Balance`
      * Make `gas` be of type `u64` instead of `Balance`
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      Co-authored-by: default avatarRobin Freyler <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
      * Add simple access permission contract
      * Fix syntax
      Co-authored-by: default avatarRobin Freyler <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
  12. 28 Jun, 2021 1 commit
    • Hernando Castano's avatar
      Actually add `refcount` as word (#830) · 056cf4c2
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Actually add `refcount` as word
      * Bump `cargo-spellcheck` verbosity
      * Make CI spellcheck runs deterministic
      * Add more words to dictionary
      * Allow `parameterized` and `parameterizes`
      * Add more words to dictionary
  13. 25 Jun, 2021 1 commit
    • Hernando Castano's avatar
      Update Spelling List (#828) · 98bf5a99
      Hernando Castano authored
      * Add `refcount` and `postfix` as real words
      Also sorts the spellcheck dictionary for your viewing pleasure
      * Fix a couple of typos
      * Nightly RustFmt
      Sorry, I have it set to stable by default
  14. 17 Jun, 2021 2 commits
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Fix bugs in two examples + Fix `master` CI (#820) · 41aa104f
      Michael Müller authored
      * Enable debug output for `contract-transfer` example
      It uses `debug_println!`.
      * Enable sending payments to `fn invoke_transaction()`
      It needs to be possible to send value with the transaction,
      because `t.transferred_value` in this function could be set
      to > 0.
      * Rename `Error::UnknownError` to `Error::Unknown`
      Clippy fails otherwise:
      	= note: `-D clippy::enum-variant-names` implied by `-D warnings`
      	= help: for further information visit https://rust-lang.github.io/rust-clippy/master/index.html#enum_variant_names
      * Revert "Enable sending payments to `fn invoke_transaction()`"
      This reverts commit 9b051d2c.
      * Require sending transaction payment to `fn invoke_transaction()`
      It needs to be possible to send value with the transaction,
      because `t.transferred_value` in this function could be set
      to > 0.
      * Fix interpunctuation
      * Introduce `ink-debug` feature
      * Revert "Introduce `ink-debug` feature"
      This reverts commit e61673a5.
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Enable `spellcheck` CI stage (#822) · 9b7b92c1
      Michael Müller authored
      * Enable `spellcheck` CI job
      * Fix spellchecking mistakes
      * Implement review suggestion
      * Reword `>= 2`
  15. 09 Jun, 2021 3 commits
  16. 07 Jun, 2021 1 commit
    • Sacha L's avatar
      Fix URL (#803) · d4fd3f78
      Sacha L authored
      Fix link for FRAME in Substrate.dev Knowledgebase
  17. 27 May, 2021 1 commit
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Implement `seal_rent_status` (#798) · 2310400c
      Michael Müller authored
      * Implement `seal_rent_status`
      * Add `at_refcount: Option<u32>` param
      * Fix param
      * Improve `at_refcount` comment
      * Replace `u32` with `core::num::NonZeroU32`
  18. 26 May, 2021 2 commits
  19. 25 May, 2021 1 commit
  20. 21 May, 2021 1 commit
  21. 17 May, 2021 1 commit
  22. 11 May, 2021 2 commits
  23. 10 May, 2021 3 commits
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Improve `contract-transfer` example (#789) · 342d79e0
      Michael Müller authored
      * Improve `contract-transfer` example
      * Test for assertion
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Enable dependabot for examples (#780) · 4c4c1fbd
      Michael Müller authored
      * Create workspace for examples
      * Enable dependabot for examples
      * Choose unique package names in workspace
      * Prevent nested workspaces
      * Add comments
      * Make crate and lib name equal
    • Michael Müller's avatar
      Implement MVP for new off-chain testing engine (#712) · 1a19f937
      Michael Müller authored
      * Add `engine` crate
      * Add `env_types` crate
      * Adapt `env`, `lang` and `storage`
      * Adapt examples
      * Adapt CI
      * Symlink license and readme
      * Throw `TypedEncoded` out of `engine`
      * Improve Erc20
      * Bump versions to rc3
      * Fix clippy error: Manual implementation of `Option::map` (#717)
      * Implement comments
      * Fix yml
      * Improve structure
      * Add tests
      * Fix function signature
      * Get rid of `engine`s singleton
      * Revert instantiate stuff
      * Implement review comments
      * Make `Storage` non-generic
      * Improve API for emmitted events
      * Migrate to `panic_any`
      * Clean up import
      * Import `panic_any`
      * Implement comments
      * Fix param
      * Use type
      * Store balances in chain storage
      * Fix tests
      * Use individual storage per contract
      * Implement comments