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Combine storage traits and derives into single crate (#1389)

* Add ink_storage_traits crate

* Remove unused hash layout trait and impls

* Remove dependency between storage traits and ink_env

* Move Storable definition and derive to ink_storage_traits

* Replace usages of primitives storable with new location

* Fmt

* README and license sym links

* Fix up CI script crates and codegen symlinks

* update CI crates again

* Add StorageLayout impl for Hash

* Fix up collections ui tests

* Fix up storage traits tests

* Add missing feature to codegen syn dependency

* Fix storage traits reference in env

* Add missing no_std cfg_attr

* Fix example build

* Fmt

* Fix example

* Move Clear trait to primitives

* Fix example

* Fix env access

* Fix up docs

* Trying to fix UI tests

* Fix LICENSE and README paths
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