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[metadata] update to scale-info 0.3, removes string interning (#467)



* Iterating on InkProject types

* Extract InkProject to its own file

* More iteration on contract metadata

* Compiles...ship it

* Fmt

* Add optional fields and doc test

* Add custom serializer impls for compiler/lang

* Fmt

* Clippy

* Update to scale-info 0.3

* Use &'static str instead of compact string (scale-info 0.3)

* Reexport Url and Version

* Fix missing semicolon

* Fix up metadata exports and codegen

* Serialize hash as byte string

* Remove spec nesting

* Remove name from contract spec

* Add name to storage struct

* Flatten SourceCompiler

* Implement ToTokens for Extension metadata

Allows converting an instance into code that can construct that instance. For use from `cargo-contract`.

* User and Version

* Fix up builder ToTokens and other errs/warns

* Fmt

* Url wrapper

* Comment and Version/Url intos

* Fmt

* Fix U

* Promote extension to module dir

* Moved InkProjectExtension to cargo-contract

* Fix doc gen

* Fix json tests

* Use pretty assertions and fix layout json tests

* Remove storage name from layout (ink specific)

* StorageLayout -> Layout

* Remove redundant contract_ident_lit

* Remove redundant dependencies

* Use Self instead of InkProject
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