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Fix coverage reports of incorrectly inlined functions (#393)

* Fix coverage reports of incorrectly inlined functions

* [ci] fix -Cpanic=abort flag

* [ci] remove -Zpanic_abort_tests and -Cpanic=abort flags again

They seemed to cause trouble for the coverage reporting system.
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......@@ -111,11 +111,14 @@ codecov:
# Variables partly came from https://github.com/mozilla/grcov/blob/master/README.md
RUSTFLAGS: "-Zprofile -Zmir-opt-level=0 -Zpanic_abort_tests -Ccodegen-units=1
-Cinline-threshold=0 -Copt-level=0 -Clink-dead-code -Coverflow-checks=off"
RUSTFLAGS: "-Zprofile -Zmir-opt-level=0 -Ccodegen-units=1
-Copt-level=0 -Clink-dead-code -Coverflow-checks=off"
# The `cargo-taurpalin` coverage reporting tool seems to have better code instrumentation and thus
# produces better results for Rust codebases in general. However, unlike `grcov` it requires
# running docker with `--security-opt seccomp=unconfined` which is why we use `grcov` instead.
# We removed the `-Cinline-threshold=0` flag from the above `RUSTFLAGS` since it was bugged
# at the time and lead to inlining of functions that shouldn't be inlined for the coverage
# report. (More information here: https://github.com/Kogia-sima/rust-covfix/issues/2)
# RUSTFLAGS are the cause target cache can't be used here
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