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Revert me: Provoke doc failures

parent 8e8fe095
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ pub enum Item {
impl quote::ToTokens for Item {
/// We mainly implement this trait for this ink! type to have a derived
/// [`Spanned`](`syn::spanned::Spanned`) implementation for it.
/// [`Spanned`](`foosyn::spanned::Spanned`) implementation for it.
fn to_tokens(&self, tokens: &mut proc_macro2::TokenStream) {
match self {
Self::Ink(ink_item) => ink_item.to_tokens(tokens),
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ impl<T, N: ArrayLength<CacheCell<Option<StorageEntry<T>>>>> LazyArrayLength<T>
/// Computes operations on the underlying N storage cells in a lazy fashion.
/// Due to the size constraints the `LazyArray` is generally more efficient
/// than the [`LazyMap`](`super::LazyIndexMap`) for most use cases with limited elements.
/// than the [`LazyMap`](`super::foo::FooLazyIndexMap`) for most use cases with limited elements.
/// This is mainly used as low-level storage primitives by other high-level
/// storage primitives in order to manage the contract storage for a whole
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