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Implement selector_id!, selector_bytes! and blake2x256! macros (#947)

* add selector_id! and selector_bytes! proc macros

* implement blake2x256! macro

* re-export blake2x256! macro from ink_lang crate

* apply rustfmt

* add BLAKE2b to hunspell dictionary

* add UI tests for blake2x256! macro

* improve span for non-literal inputs to blake2x256! macro

* add non-literal input failure UI test to blake2x256! macro

* improve error span for non-literal selector_{id,bytes}! macro inputs

* rename UI test blake2x256 -> blake2x256_macro

* rename UI test

* add UI tests for selector_id! proc. macro

* fix UI test

* fix UI test expectation

* add UI tests for seletor_bytes! macro

* make flaky and broken codecov CI happy again ...
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