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Revert "Enable dependabot for examples (#780)" (#791)

This reverts commit 4c4c1fbd.
parent 342d79e0
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......@@ -4,13 +4,3 @@ updates:
directory: "/"
interval: "daily"
- package-ecosystem: "cargo"
directory: "/examples/"
interval: "daily"
# `delegator` needs to be a separate stage, since it's a separate workspace.
- package-ecosystem: "cargo"
directory: "/examples/delegator/"
interval: "daily"
# This workspace has just been created so that dependabot can
# batch upgrades to the example dependencies into a single PR,
# instead of multiple isolated ones.
members = ["./*"]
exclude = [
# we need to exclude `delegator` since it's a separate workspace
# and nested workspaces are not allowed.
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