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Simplify regression test (#574)

* Simplify regression test

* Add asserts for Some/None

* Add assertions for expected ptr

* Introduce second regression test

* Introduce second regression test

* Fix syntax
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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ use crate::Key;
/// This wraps a base key and provides an interface to mimic pointer arithmetics.
/// Mainly used to coordinate keys through static storage structures.
#[derive(Debug, Copy, Clone)]
#[derive(Debug, Copy, Clone, Eq, PartialEq)]
pub struct KeyPtr {
/// The underlying offset key.
key: Key,
......@@ -598,4 +598,59 @@ mod tests {
fn second_regression_test_for_issue_570() -> ink_env::Result<()> {
run_test::<ink_env::DefaultEnvironment, _>(|_| {
// given
let root_key = Key::from([0x00; 32]);
let none: Option<u32> = None;
let some: Option<u32> = Some(13);
// when
let mut ptr_push_none = KeyPtr::from(root_key);
SpreadLayout::push_spread(&none, &mut ptr_push_none);
let mut ptr_pull_none = KeyPtr::from(root_key);
let v1: Option<u32> = SpreadLayout::pull_spread(&mut ptr_pull_none);
let mut ptr_clear_none = KeyPtr::from(root_key);
SpreadLayout::clear_spread(&none, &mut ptr_clear_none);
let mut ptr_push_some = KeyPtr::from(root_key);
SpreadLayout::push_spread(&some, &mut ptr_push_some);
let mut ptr_pull_some = KeyPtr::from(root_key);
let v2: Option<u32> = SpreadLayout::pull_spread(&mut ptr_pull_some);
let mut ptr_clear_some = KeyPtr::from(root_key);
SpreadLayout::clear_spread(&some, &mut ptr_clear_some);
// then
// the bug which we observed was that the pointer after push/pull/clear
// was set so a different value if the `Option` was `None` vs. if it was
// `Some`.
// if the bug has been fixed the pointer must be the same for `None`
// and `Some` after push/pull/clear. otherwise subsequent operations using
// the pointer will break as soon as the `Option` is changed to it's
// opposite (`None` -> `Some`, `Some` -> `None`).
let mut expected_post_op_ptr = KeyPtr::from(root_key);
// advance one time after the cell containing `self.is_some() as u8` has been read
// advance another time after the cell containing the inner `Option` value
// has either been skipped (in case of the previous cell being `None`) or
// read (in case of `Some`).
assert_eq!(expected_post_op_ptr, ptr_push_none);
assert_eq!(ptr_push_none, ptr_push_some);
assert_eq!(expected_post_op_ptr, ptr_pull_none);
assert_eq!(ptr_pull_none, ptr_pull_some);
assert_eq!(expected_post_op_ptr, ptr_clear_none);
assert_eq!(ptr_clear_none, ptr_clear_some);
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