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Debug why no issue is created for failing fuzz test (#671)

* Revert me: Run fuzz tests on this branch

* Add debug output

* Revert me: Decrease number of runs

* Do not stop CI stage on exit code 1

* Revert "Revert me: Decrease number of runs"

This reverts commit 88d6b2c5.

* Revert "Add debug output"

This reverts commit 2be03bce.

* Revert "Revert me: Run fuzz tests on this branch"

This reverts commit 7493421b.
parent 7aaf4dcc
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......@@ -340,8 +340,8 @@ fuzz-tests:
- for crate in ${ALL_CRATES}; do
if grep "ink-fuzz-tests =" crates/${crate}/Cargo.toml;
cargo test --verbose --features ink-fuzz-tests --manifest-path crates/${crate}/Cargo.toml --no-fail-fast -- fuzz_;
all_tests_passed=$(( all_tests_passed | $? ));
cargo test --verbose --features ink-fuzz-tests --manifest-path crates/${crate}/Cargo.toml --no-fail-fast -- fuzz_ || exit_code=$?;
all_tests_passed=$(( all_tests_passed | $exit_code ));
- if [ $all_tests_passed -eq 0 ]; then exit 0; fi
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