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Use different mechanism to trigger `ink-waterfall` CI (#851)

* Move `pre_cache` script to hidden folder

* Add `trigger_pipeline` script from Polkadot

* Use `trigger_pipeline` to trigger `ink-waterfall` CI

* Update GitLab config

* Update GitLab config

* Add debug output

* Revert me: Remove all other stages

* More debugging

* More debugging

* More debugging

* More debugging

* Fix syntax

* Check for env variable

* Revert "Revert me: Remove all other stages"

This reverts commit a15ec5b0.

* Decrease response time

* Remove unnecessary variables

* Fix link

* CI: chore

* CI: add rules everywhere

* CI: add rust info

* Add image name and tag

* Revert "Add image name and tag"

This reverts commit 88cd94f0


* CI: add image to run in k8s
Co-authored-by: Denis_P's avatarDenis P <denis.pisarev@parity.io>
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