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CI: disable CARGO_HOME caching, again (#629)

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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ set -u
# create such directory and
# copy recursively all the files from the newest dir which has $CI_JOB_NAME, if it exists
# caches are in /ci-cache/${CI_PROJECT_NAME}/${2}/${CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME}/${CI_JOB_NAME}
# cache lives in /ci-cache/${CI_PROJECT_NAME}/${2}/${CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME}/${CI_JOB_NAME}
function prepopulate {
if [[ ! -d $1 ]]; then
......@@ -24,8 +24,5 @@ function prepopulate {
# CARGO_HOME cache was moved to the same "project/cache_type/branch_name/job_name" level as
# CARGO_TARGET_DIR because of frequent weird data-race issues. This just means that the same cache that
# would have been used for the entire pipeline will be duplicated for the each job.
prepopulate "$CARGO_HOME" cargo
# CARGO_HOME cache is still broken so would be handled some other way.
prepopulate "$CARGO_TARGET_DIR" targets
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