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[pdsl_core] Remove env_logger as dev_dependency

The problem is that env_logger is obviously not no_std compatible.
At first you would think that this is not a problem, since it is only a dev-dependency that is allowed to pull the std lib.
However, due to a Cargo "bug" all dev-dependencies and normal dependencies need to have shared feature flags.
So since env_logger depends on log and pdsl_core depends on log both need to share their feature set which is chosen to be just the one that pulls std - what a mess ...

We now need our own logging facilities that are no_std compatible.
parent 9b3d3426
......@@ -25,9 +25,6 @@ log = "0.4"
hashbrown = "0.1.7"
wee_alloc = "0.4"
env_logger = { version = "0.6", default-features = false }
default = []
test-env = ["std"]
//! The minimal test framework for the pdsl core libraries.
/// The set-up procedure of the entire crate under test.
fn setup() {
let _ = env_logger::try_init();
fn setup() {}
/// The tear-down procedure of the entire crate under test.
fn teardown() {}
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