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Remove `codecov` CI stage (#1405)

We've migrated ink! to `stable` Rust, the current `codecov`
setup runs only in `nightly`. Our test fixtures have different
output for `stable` though, hence `codecov` fails.
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......@@ -290,50 +290,6 @@ docs:
- chown -R nonroot:nonroot ./crate-docs
stage: workspace
<<: *docker-env
<<: *test-refs
- job: check-std
artifacts: false
# For codecov it's sufficient to run the fuzz tests only once.
# Variables partly came from https://github.com/mozilla/grcov/blob/master/README.md
RUSTFLAGS: "-Zprofile -Zmir-opt-level=0 -Ccodegen-units=1
-Clink-dead-code -Copt-level=0 -Coverflow-checks=off"
# The `cargo-taurpalin` coverage reporting tool seems to have better code instrumentation and thus
# produces better results for Rust codebases in general. However, unlike `grcov` it requires
# running docker with `--security-opt seccomp=unconfined` which is why we use `grcov` instead.
- *rust-info-script
# RUSTFLAGS are the cause target cache can't be used here
# FIXME: cust-covfix doesn't support the external target dir
# https://github.com/Kogia-sima/rust-covfix/issues/7
- cargo clean
# make sure there's no stale coverage artifacts
- find . -name "*.profraw" -type f -delete
- find . -name "*.gcda" -type f -delete
# RUSTFLAGS are the cause target cache can't be used here
- cargo build --verbose --all-features --workspace
- cargo test --verbose --all-features --no-fail-fast --workspace
# coverage with branches
- grcov . --binary-path ./target/debug/ --source-dir . --output-type lcov --llvm --branch
--ignore-not-existing --ignore "/*" --ignore "tests/*" --output-path lcov-w-branch.info
- rust-covfix lcov-w-branch.info --output lcov-w-branch-fixed.info
- codecov --token "$CODECOV_P_TOKEN" --file lcov-w-branch-fixed.info --nonZero
# lines coverage
- grcov . --binary-path ./target/debug/ --source-dir . --output-type lcov --llvm
--ignore-not-existing --ignore "/*" --ignore "tests/*" --output-path lcov-lines.info
- rust-covfix lcov-lines.info --output lcov-lines-fixed.info
- codecov --token "$CODECOV_TOKEN" --file lcov-lines-fixed.info --nonZero
#### stage: examples
......@@ -4,14 +4,10 @@
Parity's ink! for writing smart contracts
[![linux][a1]][a2] [![codecov][c1]][c2] [![coveralls][d1]][d2] [![loc][e1]][e2] [![stack-exchange][s1]][s2]
[![linux][a1]][a2] [![loc][e1]][e2] [![stack-exchange][s1]][s2]
[a1]: https://gitlab.parity.io/parity/ink/badges/master/pipeline.svg
[a2]: https://gitlab.parity.io/parity/ink/pipelines?ref=master
[c1]: https://codecov.io/gh/paritytech/ink/branch/master/graph/badge.svg
[c2]: https://codecov.io/gh/paritytech/ink/branch/master
[d1]: https://coveralls.io/repos/github/paritytech/ink/badge.svg?branch=master
[d2]: https://coveralls.io/github/paritytech/ink?branch=master
[e1]: https://tokei.rs/b1/github/paritytech/ink?category=code
[e2]: https://github.com/Aaronepower/tokei#badges
[f1]: https://img.shields.io/badge/click-blue.svg
......@@ -162,7 +158,7 @@ mod flipper {
mod tests {
use super::*;
fn it_works() {
let mut flipper = Flipper::new(false);
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