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    Major clean up of ink! codebase (#99) · fa906cad
    Hero Bird authored
    * [ink] Update rust-toolchain from 2019-04-20 to 2019-05-21
    * [core,lang] Update & fix Cargo information
    * [chores] Update rustfmt version to the current toolchain
    * [core] Clean up, fix some warnings
    * [core] Remove unneeded dependency
    * [core] Ignore return value of Key ops
    Fixes a warning
    * [core,model] Adjust warning level
    * [lang] Minor rustfmt run
    * [ink] Add topics to events
    For now, ink! will simply leave topics slice empty.
    * [core] Add ext_gas_left, ext_gas_price and ext_value_transferred bindings
    * [core] Clean up some code by dedup
    * [core] Further code clean up
    * [core] Simplify SrmlEnv::load impl
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