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    Improve GitLab CI (#235) · ef960aae
    Hero Bird authored
    * [lang2/macro] add some dev-dependencies to make CI work better
    * [scripts] improve check-workspace script
    We introduced "hacks" to make it work with the currently buggy nightly version of cargo ... We hope we can move back to were we came once cargo nightly has been fixed again.
    * [*] fix formatting issues
    * [cli] re-enable build_template test
    * [lang2] fix some clippy warnings
    * [cli] fix formatting
    * test what's faster
    * typo
    * debug no config and job name
    * bench CI var2
    * set of jobs for every crate
    * ordered set of jobs for every crate
    * right commands for the crates and examples. H/e examples will work after dockerfile update.
    * comparing two CI approaches
    * typo
    * forgot to exclude model and lang crates
    * bench CI 2
    * will bench in other branch
    * fix return in cycle
    * review 1
    * unset allow_failures
    * changed cd to popd
    * changed cd to popd
    * Update .gitlab-ci.yml
    * Update .gitlab-ci.yml
    * Update .gitlab-ci.yml
    * Update .gitlab-ci.yml
    * Update .gitlab-ci.yml
    * Update .gitlab-ci.yml
    * Update cli/src/cmd/abi.rs