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    Split ink_core crate into ink_env and ink_storage (#500) · cfe52e98
    Hero Bird authored
    * [*] split ink_core into ink_env and ink_storage
    The workspace does not yet compile!
    * [env] make compile again
    * [env] fix doc tests
    * [storage] make crate compile again
    * [env] fix some doc comment links
    * [README] flipper example: remove unused import
    * [storage/derive] fix compilation of generated code
    * [README] add ink_storage and ink_env doc links
    * [env, primitives, storage] fix docs
    * [lang] make compile again
    * [lang/codegen] use absolute paths in #[ink::test] proc. macro
    * [examples] make compile again
    * [*] apply rustfmt
    * [env] remove unneeded dependencies
    * [storage] remove all unneeded dependencies and crate features
    * [*] update outdated dependencies
    * [env, lang] remove unused dependencies
    * [*] fix comments
    * [*] fix some intra doc links
    * [ci] adjust to split ink_env and ink_storage crates
    * [ci] forgot to handle split ink_env and ink_storage in docs
    * [storage] fix fuzz tests
    * [examples] apply rustfmt
    * [examples] apply rustfmt (ERC-721)
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