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    Follow-up: SpreadLayout (#995) · c7cc8287
    Robin Freyler authored
    * implement const_fn Key::new constructor
    * add ContractRootKey trait to ink_lang crate
    * use qualified path
    * re-export ContractRootKey trait
    * automatically implement ContractRootKey for ink! contracts
    * implement #[derive(SpreadAllocate)] macro & tests
    * re-export #[derive(SpreadAllocate)] macro from ink_storage::traits
    * automatically implement SpreadAllocate for the ink! storage struct
    * extend execute_constructor to work with fallible ink! constructors
    Note that this commit does not yet allow to write fallible ink! constructors.
    * add initialize_contract utility method
    * re-export initialize_contract utility method
    * adjust ink! codegen for recent changes with execute_constructor
    * fix clippy warning
    * fix hunspell dictionary
    * add missing docs to codegen types
    * fix UI test
    * remove automatic SpreadAllocate implementation
    This is due to the fact that trivial_bounds feature is not yet stable.
    Otherwise this automatically generated implementation would be totally fine.
    We can re-add this feature once Rust adds trivial trait bounds.
    * Satisfy OCD in test
    * Remove mention of `enum`s from `derive_struct()`
    * Remove outdated comment about Clippy lint
    * RustFmt
    Co-authored-by: default avatarHernando Castano <hernando@hcastano.com>