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    CARGO_TARGET_DIR test (#240) · 8bcf3813
    Denis_P authored
    * debug
    * debug 2
    * now INCREMENTAL will help
    * fresh run
    * test doesn't want a wasm friend
    * trim trailing whitespaces
    * check branch named dir and data-races there
    * data-races are trouble even here, have to divide concurrent jobs, will take more space
    * experiment with `need``
    * some trash cycles
    * check out the trigger
    * typo
    * there's no master yet lol
    * exact PR/branch number since it's not in master yet
    * branch shoulkd be a string
    * branch should have a right name silly
    * cleanup, check if error from the triggered pipeline returns as a status to the initial pipeline
    * more vars to pass
    * trigger the pipeline
    * trigger the pipeline2
    * trigger the pipeline3
    * trigger the pipeline4
    * trigger the pipeline5
    * suppress global var
    * target dir caching is ready to be merged
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