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    Add E2E testing framework MVP (#1395) · 64fbe40a
    Michael Müller authored
    * Add missing words to spellcheck dictionary
    * Add `contracts-node.scale` metadata
    Has been exported via
    	cargo install subxt-cli
    	subxt metadata > contracts-node.scale
    For `substrate-contracts-node` v0.20.0.
    * Run `substrate-contracts-node` in CI
    * Invoke `cargo doc` separately for each crate
    * Add MVP for E2E testing framework
    * Add E2E tests for `contract-transfer` example
    * Add ToDo comment for migration to `state_call` RPC
    * Update to new `ink` entrance crate
    * Add ToDo for `node_log_contains`
    * Update to `ink` entrance crate
    * Migrate to `state_call` RPC
    * Always initialize `env_logger`
    * Use latest `subxt` release
    * Remove superfluous TODO
    * Apply `cargo fmt`
    * Adapt test fixtures
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