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    Add new ops for storage2/vec (#453) · d4cbfcea
    Michael Müller authored
    * Fix typo
    * [core] Add vec.set()
    * [core] Add vec.clear()
    * [core] Add benchmarks for vec.put() and vec.clear()
    * [core] Minor improvements
    * [core] Add user comment
    * [core] Improve style
    * [core] Add worst case benches
    * [core] Include comments from review
    * [core] Apply cargo fmt
    * [core] Remove unnecessary variable
    * [core] Include put worst case bench
    * [core] Rename benches to lazy vs. cached
    * [core] Reduce benchmark overhead by preventing cache writes
    * [core] Add black boxes to prevent over optimization
    * [core] improve benchmarks for new storage vector operations (#457)
    * [core] optimize LazyIndexMap::put
    * [core] put some forgotten black_box instances
    * [core] further minor improvements to the benchmarks
    * [core] Add criterion dependency workaround
    * [core] Change vec.set() to return Result<(), IndexOutOfBounds>
    * [core] Remove outdated comment
    * [core] Minor fixes
    * [core] Minor test fixes
    * Apply suggestions from code review
    Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarHero Bird <robin.freyler@gmail.com>