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    Sync with Substrate RC6 (#478) · ba5aed19
    Hero Bird authored
    * [core] remove get_runtime_storage and invoke_runtime
    * [core] invalidate all implementations and usages of ext functions
    * [core] adjust ext_ functions in ext.rs
    * [core] add ReturnFlags to public API
    * [core] remove off-chain impls for get_runtime_storage and invoke_runtime
    * [core] rename ext::ext_input -> ext::input
    * [core] change return type of get_contract_storage
    Previously returned Option<Result<R>> and now returns Result<Option<R>>.
    This change is more pragmatic.
    * [core] add conversion from ext::Error to EnvError
    * [core] on-chain: add new utilities for static buffer modifications
    - EncodeScope: for efficiently appending encoded values
    - ScopedBuffer: for efficiently chunking buffers
    * [core] add impls for on-chain property getters
    * [core] remove no longer needed utiltiy function
    * [core] on-chain: new impl for invoke_contract and eval_contract
    * [core] on-chain: new impl for get_contract_storage
    * [core] on-chain: new impl for decode_input
    We should also rename this to simply "input" later.
    * [core] on-chain: new impl for output
    Now also uses the new ReturnFlags abstraction.
    * [core] on-chain: new impl for instantiate_contract
    * [core] on-chain: remove unused API
    * [core] on-chain: move EncodeScope and ScopedBuffer to buffer.rs
    * [core] on-chain: implement rest of the on-chain API
    * [core] add ScopedBuffer::take_bytes
    * [core] Add Env::call_chain_extension trait method
    * [core] remove unused helper methods
    * [core] on-chain: simplify static buffer
    - No more length
    - No more encodable
    - Only full range access
    * [core] add env::call_chain_extension public API
    * [core] rename Env::output -> return_value
    * [core] off-chain: adjust a bunch of off-chain methods to new interfaces
    * [core] off-chain: adjust get_contract_storage return type
    * [core] off-chain: remove RuntimeCallHandler and RuntimeStorage facilities
    * [core] off-chain: adjust some tests
    * [core] off-chain: remove OffCall utility type
    * [core] off-chain: implement chain extension handler
    * [core] adjust panic message
    * [core] apply rustfmt
    * [core] apply clippy suggestion
    * [core] off-chain: re-export ChainExtension and ChainSpec types from test API
    * [core] on-chain: retain panic messages
    * [core] rename ext_ to seal_ for all on-chain functions
    * [alloc] fix some warnings and add some minor comments
    * [core] add wasm_import_module = "seal0"
    * [core] introduce new Seal error codes
    * [core] directly return ReturnCode from C-FII
    * [core] make transfer return Result
    * [core] improve some doc comments
    * rename some old errors to their new names
    * [core] remove unused env errors and rename some off-chain errors
    * [core] fix bug in ReturnFlags::set_reverted (formerly known as set_trapped)
    * [core] avoid From impl for () for OffChainError
    * [lang] adjust lang layer for changes in core
    - Remove invoke_runtime
    - Remove get_runtime_storage
    - Rename gas_price -> weight_to_fee
    - Add ReturnFlags to return_value call
    * [core] turn redundant asserts into debug_assert
    * [core] be more strict when handling ext::get_storage error
    * [core] implement clippy suggestion
    * [examples] remove no longer useful runtime-storage contract
    We no longer support the get_runtime_storage host function.
    It will eventually be reintroduced at a later point through chain extensions.
    * [core] disable chain extensions by default
    Can be enabled by experimental crate feature:
    - unstable_chain_extensions
    * [lang] apply clippy suggestion to use matches! macro
    * [core] fix docs for ext_return
    Co-authored-by: Alexander Theißen's avatarAlexander Theißen <alex.theissen@me.com>
    * [core] fix return type of api::return_value
    Not sure why the compiler didn't mention this return type failure ...
    Co-authored-by: Alexander Theißen's avatarAlexander Theißen <alex.theissen@me.com>
    * [core] fix doc comment of Env::return_value
    * [core] introduce RawReturnCode as a layer between Seal error codes and ink!
    * [alloc] make #[alloc_error_handler] private
    * [alloc, core] move alloc_handler from ink_alloc to ink_core
    * [core] replace useless intermediate ReturnCode type
    * [core] rename RawReturnCode -> ReturnCode
    * [core] apply rustfmt
    * [core] apply rustfmt
    * [core] off-chain: rename invoke -> eval for chain extension calling
    * [core] use Ptr32 and Ptr32Mut to encapsulate pointer -> u32 conversions
    * [core] make new Ptr32 and Ptr32Mut abstractions more type safe
    Co-authored-by: Alexander Theißen's avatarAlexander Theißen <alex.theissen@me.com>