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    Use Flush derives and generally update the Flush trait (#269) · 1601b967
    Hero Bird authored
    * [core] add core/derive crate to add derive macro for Flush
    * [core/derive] change license from GPL-3.0 to APACHE-2.0
    * [core/derive] implement Flush and AllocateUsing derives based on synstructure
    * [core] re-export AllocateUsing and Flush derives from within core
    * [core/derive] fix AllocateUsing derive impl
    * [core/derive] adjust AllocateUsing tests
    * [core/derive] apply cargo fmt
    * [core/derive] add test::utils and improve AllocateUsing tests
    * [core/derive] add explanation docs
    * [core/derive] add doc for a hack
    * [core/derive] forbid deriving empty enums for Flush
    * [core/derive] update compile tests
    * [core] remove derive crate feature
    * [core/derive] remove `extern crate ink_core` edition 2015 compat
    * [core, examples, lang] update Flush impls
    * [core] apply rustfmt
    * [core] simplify Flush impl for StashHeader
    * [core] remove derive crate feature
    * [examples] fix clippy warning about Flush in delegator