Commit 1375fee8 authored by Sasha Gryaznov's avatar Sasha Gryaznov
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[REVERT!] some debug data to dig into an error

parent 31a35a19
......@@ -151,7 +151,11 @@ impl<'a> Decoder<'a> {
variant_type: &TypeDefVariant<PortableForm>,
input: &mut &[u8],
) -> Result<Value> {
let i2 = input.clone();
let discriminant = input.read_byte()?;
println!("type is {:?}", &variant_type.clone());
println!("input is {:?}", &i2);
println!("discriminant is {:?}", &discriminant);
let variant = variant_type
.get(discriminant as usize)
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