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    [cli] deploy command (#131) · e5d03264
    Andrew Jones authored
    * [cli] construct put_code extrinsic
    * [cli] fetch current account nonce
    * [cli] submit extrinsic skeleton
    * [cli] submit extrinsic compiles and works?
    * [cli] refactor futures
    * [cli] extract substrate rpc module
    * [cli] Encapsulate rpc calls in struct
    * [cli] extract rpc call methods
    * [cli] temporarily add patch for client pub/sub
    * [cli] generic Hash
    * [cli] back to explicit H256
    * [cli] update parity-codec
    * [cli] add methods to submit and watch, and fetch events
    * [cli] update to paritytech jsonrpc repo patch
    * [cli] switch to ws transport
    * [cli] WIP: return extrinsic result with code hash
    * [cli] subscribe to block events
    * [cli] use jsonrpc 12.1 rather than crates,io patch
    * [cli] add logging for troubleshooting
    * [cli] deserialize OpaqueExtrinsic properly, logging for ext hash
    * [cli] still trying to get the Events for the block
    * [cli] log events storage key for debugging
    * [cli] refactor: function to extract extrinsic events
    * [cli] move extract code hash to deploy
    * ignore rust-toolchain file used for local builds
    * Update to new extrinsic format with extra
    * Fix signature with extra
    * Make System Events subscription work
    * Refactor EventRecord decoding
    * Extract code hash from events
    * rustfmt
    * Refactor: extract functions from Author
    * Remove stuff from .gitignore which could go in .git/info/exclude
    * Remove ws::connect unwraps
    * Pass in url from cli flag
    * Combine all rpc interfaces
    * Consistency in log messages
    * Expand short arg names
    * rustfmt
    * Comments and refactoring
    * rustfmt
    * Pass in secret in from command line
    * Change default url to ws
    * Add integration test (not passing yet) for deploy command
    * Extracted substrate extrinsic RPC to subxt
    * Get it working with subxt
    * [cli] update to latest subxt
    * [cli] convert to new subxt
    * [cli] add CheckVersion to SignedExtra type
    * Use latest version of subxt with dynamic events
    * [cli] cargo fmt
    * [cli] deploy: remove dependency on node-runtime!
    * [cli] use assert_matches in test
    * [cli] reuse crate metadata fn from build command to get wasm path
    * [cli] add comments
    * [cli] remove unused dependencies
    * [cli] remove more unused dependencies
    * [cli] Use static method
    * [cli] doc comments
    * [cli] rename surl -> suri
    * [cli] move Runtime defintion to subxt, reduce direct substrate deps
    * [cli] rustfmt
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