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    Add call infrastructure to ink_lang (#175) · 9cf5a571
    Hero Bird authored
    * [core] add initial call builder implementation
    * [core] add setters to CallBuilder
    * [core] fix invalid mod import in no_std
    * [lang] initial remote call implementation for ink_lang
    * [examples] add ink-as-dependency crate feature to erc20 token contract
    * [core] move calls and call error definitions
    * [core] add ext_create support
    * [*] apply rustfmt
    * [core] expose ReturnType publicly
    * [core] add ext_create impl on the SRML interfacing side
    * [core] fix minor invalid module import
    * [lang] split CallEnhancer into mut and immutable versions
    * [lang] forward to call enhancers from short-version of remote calling
    * [core] improve create builder to return the contract directly
    * [lang] simplify env types code generation
    * [lang] add create call builder code generation
    * [lang] improve code gen by altering spans of the generated code
    * [examples] add ink-as-dependency to all lang examples
    * [cli] add ink-as-dependency to smart contract template
    * [lang] fix code gen bug with forwarding references
    * [lamg] move impls out of const item
    It seems that inherent impls shouldn't be put inside a const item.
    * [core] impl Default for Hash
    * [lang] add Flush, scale::{Encode, Decode} for contracts as dependencies
    * [examples] add example to call remote smart contracts
    * [examples] remove invalid test code from delegator contract
    * [abi] fix warning about suffixed tuple indices
    * [lang] fix bug in generate-abi codegen for deploy handler with multiple args
    * [lang] derive from type_metadata::Metadata for contract structs
    * [examples] ran cargo fmt
    * [examples] derive type_metadata::Metadata for Which
    * [examples] make code hashes deploy inputs for delegator contract
    * [core] rename gas_cost to gas_limit
    * [core] remove parts that got re-introduced accidentally upon merge
    * [examples] add a README to the delegator contract
    * [examples] restructure delegator project structure
    * [examples] fix Cargo.toml of delegator
    * [lang] fix bug that ink-as-dependency derives Metadata for the state struct
    * [lang] add getter for account_id of ink-as-dependency state structs
    * [examples] adjust Delegator contract to make it work with old ABI generator
    * [lang] import FromAccountId
    * [examples] provide a build.sh script to deploy delegator contract
    * [readme] add section about wabt and wasm-utils tools
    * [readme] add off-chain test for the example smart contract
    * [examples] add .value call to contract create calls of delegator
    * [*] use fix-serialization branch of type-metadata
    * [*] use type-metadata master branch again (PR was merged)
    * [lang] update the noop compile test
    * [lang] simplified the noop compile test doc comments
    * [lang] fix compiletest for Flipper contract
    * [lang] fix compile tests for incrementer contract
    * [lang] fix compile tests for Events contract
    * [scripts] do not check the Delegator for now (needs special treatment)
    * [ci] update rust version from nightly-2019-08-13 to nightly-2019-08-30
    * [examples] restructure delegator contract project structure
    * [scripts] make check-examples script simpler again after delegator refactoring
    * [examples] clean up Delegator contract
    * [examples] improve build guidance of Delegator contract
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