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    Implementation of ink_env 2.0 (#195) · 4107f98d
    Hero Bird authored
    * [core] initial implementation of new env module
    * [core] add SRML implementations for some more Env trait methods
    * [core] replace SmallVec with Vec since it isn't ready yet
    * [core] add license header to ret_code.rs
    * [core] take generic buffer params &mut instead of by value
    * [core] add implementation of create_contract for SRML env
    * [core] remove unused SmallVec imports
    * [core] implement deposit_event for SRML contracts env
    * [core] implement invoke_runtime for SRML contract env
    * [core] adjust invoke_runtime at trait level
    * [core] implement restore_to for SRML contracts env
    * [core] fix minor warnings and formatting issues
    * [core] refactoring and clean ups
    Output is no longer a contract property since it was too hard to make it work properly and efficiently.
    * [core] add initial version of EnvAccess
    * [core] add runtime checks to EnvAccess for input and output
    * [core] GetProperty and SetProperty no longer return Result
    * [core] introduce macro to remove some duplicate code in EnvAccess
    * [core] make buffer always the first argument in Env
    * [core] some minor clean ups
    * [core] implement {get,set,clear}_contract_storage for EnvAccess
    * [core] make assert_not_yet_returned and set_has_interacted private fns
    * [core] implement EnvAccess::random
    * [core] implement EnvAccess::println
    * [core] implement EnvAccess::{invoke_contract, eval_contract, create_contract}
    * [core] refactor module imports and exports
    * [core] add DynEnv utility
    * [core] move EnvAccess{Mut} into their own sub-module
    * [core] improve docs and add docs where they were missing
    * [core] add Default impl for EnvAccess
    * [core] add DynEnv
    * [core] greatly improve module docs
    * [core] remove some warning-errors that were too strict
    * [core] introduce initial implementation of test env
    * [core] initial Storage implementation for TestEnv
    * [core] improve module documentation
    * [core] continue implementation of TestEnv
    * [core] improve byte_utils docs for negate_bytes
    * [core] add new DefaultSrmlTypes implementation
    * [core] continue initial TestEnv implementation
    * [core] add TypedEncoded utility that we might use in TestEnvInstance
    * [core] enhance TypedEncoded utility
    * [core] add Debug impl for Storage and Entry
    * [core] implement the TestEnvInstance part of TestEnv
    This is the part that actually holds the data in a generic fashion and is controlled later on by the TestEnv through thread_local storage.
    * [core] remove unnecessary imports
    * [core] remove unnecessary derive impls for some marker types
    * [core] greatly improve doc comment of TestEnvInstance
    * [core] implement Clone, PartialEq, Eq and Hash for any TypedEncoded<M>
    * [ci] update Travis CI rust version: nightly-2019-08-30 -> nightly-2019-09-25
    * [core] include TestEnv or SrmlEnv conditionally exclusively
    * [core] apply rust fmt
    * [core] use Input::remaining_len to optimize scale::Decode impl for CallData
    * [core] align usage of PhantomData
    * [core] resolve call/create TODOs
    * [core] fix minor doc issues
    * [core] add a note to Env::println to make users aware of it being a debug utility
    * [core] apply rust fmt
    * [core] add Debug impl to Storage and Entry
    * [core] add PartialOrd and Ord impl to TypedEncoded
    * [core] split TestEnv TypedEncoded types into their own module
    * [core] add an account database for the TestEnv
    * [core] move impl_get_property_for next to its macro definition
    * [core] enhance test::AccountsDb
    * [core] make fields in TestEnvInstance pub
    * [core] fix some mod re-exports
    * [core] improve AccountsDb get and get_mut interface
    * [core] add TypedEncoded::{assign, try_assign} methods
    * [core] add 'static to all EnvTypes associated types
    * [core] add initial implementation of accessor for TestEnvInstance
    * [core] rename some fields in instance.rs
    * [core] implement the rest of the properties getters and setters for TestEnv
    * [core] move Input property getter into macro
    * [core] add initial stubs for Env impl of TestEnv
    * [core] slightly improve property getters
    * [core] implement Env::get_contract_storage for TestEnv
    * [ci] update nightly-2019-09-25 -> nightly-2019-10-03
    * [core] improve Storage::write by using Entry API
    * [core] silence warning of unused buffer in Env impl for TestEnv
    * [core] implement Env::set_contract_storage for TestEnv
    * [core] impl Env::clear_contract_storage for TestEnv
    * [core] add dev-comments for implementations of many Env methods for TestEnv
    These need some explanation since they partly contradict the off-chain nature of the TestEnv.
    * [core] implement Env::random for TestEnv
    * [core] improve dev-comment for Env::create_contract
    * [core] implement Env::output for TestEnv
    * [core] add AccountIdGen to TestEnvInstance
    * [core] add records to test environment module
    Used for later use in recording implementations of Env for TestEnv.
    * [core] apply rustfmt
    * [core] fix some warnings
    * [core] add constructors for records
    * [core] make record constructors pub
    * [core] apply rustfmt
    * [core] implement Env::{invoke_contract, eval_contract} for TestEnv
    * [core] implement restoration and runtime invokation records
    * [core] implement Env::{emit_event, invoke_runtime, restore_to} for TestEnv
    * [core] implement AccountsDb::insert
    * [core] implement Env::create_contract for TestEnv
    * [core] add doc-comment for test environment module
    * [core] fix copy/paste error in accessor.rs
    * [core] add initialization routines to TestEnvInstance
    * [core] make use of TypedEncoded in record.rs
    * [core] re-export concrete Env impls as EnvImpl
    * [core] make most of the test environment definitions publicly visible
    * [core] apply rustfmt
    * [core] fix 2 compile errors in no_std mode
    * [core] add doc-comments to all test sub-modules
    * [core] add doc-comments to EnvImpl type alias
    * [core] add initial implementation of TestEnv::try_initialize
    * [core] add dev-notes to SrmlEnv
    * [ci] update travis nightly usage nightly-2019-10-03 -> nightly-2019-10-04
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