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Initial implementation of the global buffer arena (#270)

* [core] initial implementation of the global buffer arena

* [core] add license header to buffer arena

* [core] add module level docs to buffer arena

* [core] move license header where it belongs (to the top)

* [core] add docs for diagnostic fields and getters

* [core] add tests to buffer arena

* [core] apply rust fmt

* [core] remove allocated field from BufferArena

The information is redundant since it can be computed as free + in_use.

* [core] improve buffer arena tests

* [core] export buffer arena public symbols from core::env2

* [core] fix doc comment link to AsRef and AsMut

* [core] remove nightly cell-update feature

* [core] enable no_std for BufferArena and mirror thread_local interfacing

* [core] fix some obvious no_std mis-compilations

* [core] apply rustfmt

* [core] apply rustfmt #2

* [core] fix clippy warning in buffer_arena

* [core] fix typo
Co-Authored-By: Michael Müller's avatarMichael Müller <mich@elmueller.net>

* [core] slightly improve get_buffer impl
Co-Authored-By: Michael Müller's avatarMichael Müller <mich@elmueller.net>

* [core] slight improvements

* [core] rename LocalKey to GlobalBufferArena

* [core] fix no_std build
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......@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@
//! - For `&mut self` messages prefer using `EnvAccessMut` or `DynEnvAccessMut`.
//! - Direct access to `SrmlEnv` or `TestEnv` is always the least optimal solution and generally not preferred.
mod buffer_arena;
pub mod call;
mod dyn_env;
mod env_access;
......@@ -86,7 +87,15 @@ cfg_if! {
#[cfg(not(feature = "std"))]
pub use self::buffer_arena::GlobalBufferArena;
pub use self::{
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