Commit f39c7bce authored by Andrew Jones's avatar Andrew Jones


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......@@ -172,11 +172,16 @@ mod erc20 {
fn assert_transfer_event<I>(raw_events: I, transfer_index: usize, expected_value: u128)
I: IntoIterator<Item = env::test::EmittedEvent>
fn assert_transfer_event<I>(
raw_events: I,
transfer_index: usize,
expected_value: u128,
) where
I: IntoIterator<Item = env::test::EmittedEvent>,
let raw_event = raw_events.into_iter().nth(transfer_index)
let raw_event = raw_events
.expect(&format!("No event at index {}", transfer_index));
let event = <Event as scale::Decode>::decode(&mut &[..])
.expect("Invalid contract Event");
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