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## Goals
| Core Goals | |
### Core Goals
| | |
| **Ecosystem** | Allow for easy integration with the current Rust library ecosystem. |
| **Tooling** | Make the great Rust tooling work out-of-the-box for smart contract code. This includes auto-completion, syntax highlighting, code coverage for tests, go-to definitions and other IDE goodies. These should all work without any custom configuration. |
| **Testing** | Make smart contract code as easy to test as using `cargo test`, and make most testing be possible without a blockchain environment at all. |
| **Building** | Make building of smart contract code as easy as using `cargo build`. This does not necessarily mean that you will be able to just type `cargo build`. It might need a separate subcommand. |
| Key Attributes | |
### Key Attributes
| | |
| **Efficient** | Compile smart contract code to machine code that is _at least_ as efficient as if you used the low-level function calls directly. |
| **Robust** | Make it as simple as possible to write code that just does what is expected and as difficult as possible to write incorrect or exploitable code. |
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