Commit 55d8c281 authored by Qinxuan Chen's avatar Qinxuan Chen

Fix parse_from_attr

Signed-off-by: Qinxuan Chen's avatarkoushiro <>
parent e0242269
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......@@ -115,9 +115,14 @@ impl ast::ItemEnvTypesMeta {
let first_segment = attr
.expect("paths have at least one segment");
let ident = first_segment.ident.clone();
.expect("paths have at least one segment")
if let Some(colon) = first_segment.1 {
return Err(syn::Error::new(colon.spans[0], "expected meta value"))
let ident = first_segment.0.ident.clone();
let parser = |input: ParseStream<'_>| {
let eq_token = input.parse()?;
let ty = input.parse()?;
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