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......@@ -14,11 +14,22 @@
//! Types for the default environment.
//! These are simple mirrored types from the default SRML configuration.
//! These are simple mirrored types from the default substrate FRAME configuration.
//! Their interfaces and functionality might not be complete.
//! Users are required to provide their own type definitions and `EnvTypes`
//! implementations in order to write ink! contracts for other chain configurations.
//! # Note
//! When authoring a contract, the concrete `EnvTypes` are available via aliases
//! generated by the `lang` macro. Therefore all functionality of the concrete
//! types is accessible in the contract, not constrained by the required trait
//! bounds.
//! Outside of the contract and its tests (e.g. in the offchain environment), where
//! there is no knowledge of the concrete types, the functionality is restricted to
//! the trait bounds on the `EnvTypes` trait types.
use super::arithmetic::AtLeast32BitUnsigned;
use core::{
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