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    Add DomainNameService example contract (#293) · efdc5a39
    Hero Bird authored
    * [examples] add DomainNameService example contract
    * [examples] remove unnecessary constructor param
    * [examples] fix clippy warning
    * [examples] apply rustfmt
    * [examples] update SCALE 1.1 -> 1.2
    * [example] generally update the DNS contract example
    * [examples] add Debug, PartialEq and Eq derives to Error
    * [examples] add tests to DomainNameService example contract
    * [lang] move default off-chain init before contract init
    This is to prevent failures where the constructor of the contract already accesses certain off-chain fields.
    * [examples] remove .cargo/config - no longer needed
    * [examples] fix abi_gen impl for DNS contract
    * fix typo
    Co-Authored-By: Michael Müller's avatarMichael Müller <mich@elmueller.net>
    Co-authored-by: Michael Müller's avatarMichael Müller <mich@elmueller.net>
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