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    [abi] Improve JSON encoding of selectors + layout key (#207) · 48fb16f0
    Michael Müller authored
    * Export selector as hex string
    To have an unambiguous exported representation.
    The previously used `u32` can be interpreted
    differently depending on the endianness of the
    target system.
    * Improve JSON encoding of Key `layout` in Metadata
    * Add tests for selector serialization
    * Encode selector as [u8; 4]
    * Remove unused import
    * Satisfy rustfmt check
    * Improve messages! macro
    * Convert tabs to spaces.
    * Replace `DELIMITER` with `@delimiter`.
    * Improve comments.
    * Improve comment
    * Ensure old ABI format stays the same
    * Reduce code duplication by introducing selector_to_expr()
    * Satisfy rustfmt
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