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      feat: Relates to #337. Part 1 of 2 - Account view - Change header account design · 85b74c41
      Luke Schoen authored
      * Change Account screen so its header uses the Information component with a big identicon, a short address,
      so it is clickable, and with identicon on left of name and address.
      * Apply extra bottom margin between name and account address when Information component used in the header
      * Update header so it uses Flexbox according to docs as intended
      * Since we're using Flexbox without placeholder spacing for the left and right header buttons, when the title
      is shown in the header it is offset if there is only a left or right button. So a `titleOffset` prop
      is used on pages where the Header component is used to indicate if the title needs to be offset to the left
      or right so it appears centered in the screen. We also pass a `screen` prop (named after the component where the
      Header component is being used so we can tailor the header spacing on specific screens.
      * Re-order props alphabetically
      * QUESTION - should we consider always adding placeholder spacing for where both right and left buttons in header would be as an alternative so no offset for the title is require?
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      Integrate Parity Signer into Fether. · 5174c8fc
      Axel Chalon authored
      - Add option to import a Parity Signer account. It is then stored in
      local storage.
      - Send transactions with Parity Signer accounts
      - Refactor sendStore so that "token" (and chainId) is inside this.tx;
      avoids having to pass `token` around every function, and it makes sense
      to put it in the object since it is part of the tx info.
      - Add account type (either node or signer) to accountsInfo
      - Add account type to withAccount; output props are now `{account:
      {address, type}}` instead of `{accountAddress}`
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      fix: Update Onboarding component and make Terms & Conditions consistent on taskbar app · b2a4092c
      Luke Schoen authored
      * Note: To quickly see the changes force the Onboarding component (displaying Terms & Conditions screen) to appear by changing
      `if (isFirstRun) {` to `if (true) {` in `fether-react/src/App/App.js. The screen should be consistent when you run `yarn taskbar` and `yarn start`
      * Terms & Conditions updates for consistency and compatibility with taskbar app
      	* Add extra side padding `-padded-extra` to Terms & Conditions so consistent with rest of site and in taskbar app
      	* Wrap with `.terms-and-conditions-wrapper` to add box shadow around both the
      	'Please read carefully' label and associated Terms & Conditions
      	* Adjust height of `.terms-and-conditions` down to 16rem otherwise with more side padding it causes
      	overflow to occur with vertical scrollbar appearing (checked that it works on both taskbar app
      	i.e. `yarn taskbar` and normal app `yarn electron` or `yarn start`)
      	* Hide `overflow-x` in Terms and Conditions as caused horizontal scroll on taskbar app
      	* Add top margin to Terms and Conditions so extra gap from its 'Please read carefully' label
      	* Only left padding in Terms and Conditions
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      review-fix: TxDetails floats above footer. TxDetails toggle buttons moved into footer" · bd56db62
      Luke Schoen authored
      * Move "Details" / "Hide" buttons into the form-nav footer section
      * TxDetails now appears above the footer area above other input fields without causing the screen height to increase
      * Background of the TxDetails darkened so it stands out from surroudings
      * Change "Details" arrow to point upwards since TxDetails now shown above
      * Change "Hide" arrow to point downward since TxDetails now shown above
      * Rename classnames to `_` or `-` more consistently
      * Note: To quickly display the 'Details' button so you can click it change TxForm.js as follows:
      {/* {valid && this.estimatedTxFee(values) ? ( */}
          // estimatedTxFee={this.estimatedTxFee(values)}
          estimatedTxFee={new BigNumber('8100000')}
          // values={values}
          values={ { amount: new BigNumber('0.1'), gasPrice: new BigNumber('21000') } }
      {/* ) : null} */}
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