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Test new project template in CI (#235)

* Test new project template in CI

* Add empty workspace before build

* Add `--all-features`
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......@@ -81,6 +81,24 @@ test:
- cargo test --verbose --workspace --all-features
stage: test
<<: *docker-env
- cargo run -- contract new new_project
# needed because otherwise:
# `error: current package believes it's in a workspace when it's not`
- echo "[workspace]" >> new_project/Cargo.toml
- cargo run --all-features -- contract build --manifest-path new_project/Cargo.toml
- cargo run --all-features -- contract check --manifest-path new_project/Cargo.toml
- cd new_project
- cargo check --verbose
- cargo test --verbose --all
- cargo fmt --verbose --all -- --check
#### stage: build (default features)
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