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......@@ -43,7 +43,26 @@ impl CrateMetadata {
/// Parses the contract manifest and returns relevant metadata.
pub fn collect(manifest_path: &ManifestPath) -> Result<Self> {
let (metadata, root_package) = get_cargo_metadata(manifest_path)?;
let mut target_directory = metadata.target_directory.as_path().join("ink");
let mut target_directory = metadata.target_directory.to_path_buf();
// Our CI uses `CARGO_TARGET_DIR` to overwrite the `target_directory` returned
// here (for caching purposes). We still want to ensure that each test builds
// to its own, unique folder, without interfering with other tests.
// Hence we append a hash of the `manifest_path`, which for tests typically
// contains a `tmp_dir`.
use impl_serde::serialize as serde_hex;
let hex = serde_hex::to_hex(
target_directory = target_directory.join(hex);
// We have some tests which check that the target director path always ends with `ink`,
// hence we can only append it after (possibly) having appended the hash.
target_directory = target_directory.join("ink");
// Normalize the package name.
let package_name ="-", "_");
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