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    Update to latest Substrate master. (#353) · af0d87af
    Kian Paimani authored
    * Integrate srml/im-online
    * Fix all build errors with old aura.
    * Fix most of the build errors.
    * Builds and tests seem to pass (I will not trust this commit yet)
    * Apply suggestions from code review
    Co-Authored-By: asynchronous rob's avatarRobert Habermeier <rphmeier@gmail.com>
    * Kill some warnings.
    * fix panics on 0 validators
    * Fix dev chain.
    * Fix author stuff
    * fix im online integration.
    * Some tweaks
    * Introduce app-crypto
    * Initial build work
    * codec update / tweaks
    * patch polkadot-erasure-coding input
    * More fixes for new crypto
    * More fixes
    * Update parachains module
    * evamp parachain crypto
    * More crypto work.
    * Chain spec and service.
    * ChainSpec stuff
    * Last bits for a clean build
    * Tweak coment
    * adapt polkadot-validation to the new keystore
    * polkadot-network compiles, but tests don't
    * Integrate the new parachain validation stuff
    * delete message_routing file
    * make polkadot-network tests compile and pass
    * runtime tests compile and pass
    * update substrate ref
    * service compiles
    * all tests pass
    * Add TODO, change branch back to polkadot-master
    * Lock file
    * TODOs done
    * Issue number
    * Remove old tODO
    * Remove commented code
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