1. 20 Jun, 2018 3 commits
    • Marek Kotewicz's avatar
      new blooms database (#8712) · 458afcd2
      Marek Kotewicz authored
      * new blooms database
      * fixed conflict in Cargo.lock
      * removed bloomchain
      * cleanup in progress
      * all tests passing in trace db with new blooms-db
      * added trace_blooms to BlockChainDB interface, fixed db flushing
      * BlockChainDB no longer exposes RwLock in the interface
      * automatically flush blooms-db after every insert
      * blooms-db uses io::BufReader to read files, wrap blooms-db into Mutex, cause fs::File is just a shared file handle
      * fix json_tests
      * blooms-db can filter multiple possibilities at the same time
      * removed enum trace/db.rs CacheId
      * lint fixes
      * fixed tests
      * kvdb-rocksdb uses fs-swap crate
      * update Cargo.lock
      * use fs::rename
      * fixed failing test on linux
      * fix tests
      * use fs_swap
      * fixed failing test on linux
      * cleanup after swap
      * fix tests
      * fixed osx permissions
      * simplify parity database opening functions
      * added migration to blooms-db
      * address @niklasad1 grumbles
      * fix license and authors field of blooms-db Cargo.toml
      * restore blooms-db after snapshot
    • André Silva's avatar
      ethstore: retry deduplication of wallet file names until success (#8910) · cf5ae81c
      André Silva authored and Wei Tang's avatar Wei Tang committed
    • Thibaut S's avatar
      Update ropsten.json (#8926) · 08e46432
      Thibaut S authored
  2. 18 Jun, 2018 7 commits
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    • Max Kaye's avatar
      Allow disabling local-by-default for transactions with new config entry (#8882) · 6004c394
      Max Kaye authored
      * Add tx_queue_allow_unknown_local config option
      - Previous commit messages:
      dispatcher checks if we have the sender account
      Add `tx_queue_allow_unknown_local` to MinerOptions
      Add `tx_queue_allow_unknown_local` to config
      fix order in MinerOptions to match Configuration
      add cli flag for tx_queue_allow_unknown_local
      Update refs to `tx_queue_allow_unknown_local`
      Add tx_queue_allow_unknown_local to config test
      revert changes to dispatcher
      Move tx_queue_allow_unknown_local to `import_own_transaction`
      Fix var name
      if statement should return the values
      derp de derp derp derp semicolons
      Reset dispatch file to how it was before
      fix compile issues + change from FLAG to ARG
      add test and use `into`
      import MinerOptions, clone the secret
      Fix tests?
      Compiler/linter issues fixed
      Fix linter msg - case of constants
      IT LIVES
      refactor to omit yucky explict return
      update comments
      Fix based on diff AccountProvider.has_account method
      * Refactor flag name + don't change import_own_tx behaviour
      fix arg name
      Note: force commit to try and get gitlab tests working again 😠
      * Add fn to TestMinerService
      * Avoid race condition from trusted sources
      - refactor the miner tests a bit to cut down on code reuse
      - add `trusted` param to dispatch_transaction and import_claimed_local_transaction
      Add param to `import_claimed_local_transaction`
      Fix fn sig in tests
    • Benjamin Kampmann's avatar
      Allow Poll Lifetime to be configured via CLI (#8885) · 609d83f9
      Benjamin Kampmann authored and Marek Kotewicz's avatar Marek Kotewicz committed
      ... rather than it being a hard-coded constant. fixes #5484 .
    • Marek Kotewicz's avatar
      cleanup nibbleslice (#8915) · 4ef71f8a
      Marek Kotewicz authored and David's avatar David committed
    • Niklas Adolfsson's avatar
      Hardware-wallets `Clean up things I missed in the latest PR` (#8890) · b4721852
      Niklas Adolfsson authored
      * Clean up things that I missed
      * Address grumbles
      * &Arc<Manager> -> &Manager
      * Rustdoc -> Crate doc
    • Afri Schoedon's avatar
      Remove debian/.deb and centos/.rpm packaging scripts (#8887) · c9cee8fd
      Afri Schoedon authored
      * scripts: remove rpm packages
      * scripts: remove deb packages
      * scripts: remove unused zip archives
      * scripts: remove unused ssl references
      * scripts: remove debian and centos pipelines
      * scripts: rename ubuntu to generic linux
      * scripts: restore archives used in gitlab artifacts
      * scripts: init submodules for full test suite
      * scripts: do not publish master builds, only nightly, stable, beta
    • Wei Tang's avatar
      Remove a weird emoji in new_social docs (#8913) · 75e77902
      Wei Tang authored
  3. 15 Jun, 2018 1 commit
  4. 14 Jun, 2018 8 commits
  5. 13 Jun, 2018 7 commits
  6. 12 Jun, 2018 6 commits
    • shdown's avatar
      README.md: update the list of dependencies (#8864) · 5d7ef54d
      shdown authored and Marek Kotewicz's avatar Marek Kotewicz committed
    • Wei Tang's avatar
      Fix concurrent access to signer queue (#8854) · b34d46cb
      Wei Tang authored
      * Fix concurrent access to signer queue
      * Put request back to the queue if confirmation failed
      * typo: fix docs and rename functions to be more specific
      `request_notify` does not need to be public, and it's renamed to `notify_result`.
      `notify` is renamed to `notify_message`.
      * Change trace info "Transaction" -> "Request"
    • Vladyslav Lupashevskyi's avatar
      Tx permission contract improvement (#8400) · 0bb78814
      Vladyslav Lupashevskyi authored
      * Tx permission contract improvement
      * Use tuple for to address
      * Introduced ABI for deprecated tx permission contract
      * Improved ABI for tx permission contract with contract name, name hash and version
      * Introduced support for deprecated tx permission contract + fixed cache for the new version + introduced `target` for tx filter loging
      * Introduced test for the new tx permission contract version + old test renamed as deprecated
      * Removed empty lines
      * Introduced filter_only_sender return value in allowedTxTypes fn + improved caching
      * Introduced version checking for tx permission contract
      * Moved tx permission contract test genesis specs to separate files
      * handle queue import errors a bit more gracefully (#8385)
      * Some tweaks to main.rs for parity as a library (#8370)
      * Some tweaks to main.rs for parity as a library
      * Remove pub from PostExecutionAction
      * New Transaction Queue implementation (#8074)
      * Implementation of Verifier, Scoring and Ready.
      * Queue in progress.
      * TransactionPool.
      * Prepare for txpool release.
      * Miner refactor [WiP]
      * WiP reworking miner.
      * Make it compile.
      * Add some docs.
      * Split blockchain access to a separate file.
      * Work on miner API.
      * Fix ethcore tests.
      * Refactor miner interface for sealing/work packages.
      * Implement next nonce.
      * RPC compiles.
      * Implement couple of missing methdods for RPC.
      * Add transaction queue listeners.
      * Compiles!
      * Clean-up and parallelize.
      * Get rid of RefCell in header.
      * Revert "Get rid of RefCell in header."
      This reverts commit 0f2424c9b7319a786e1565ea2a8a6d801a21b4fb.
      * Override Sync requirement.
      * Fix status display.
      * Unify logging.
      * Extract some cheap checks.
      * Measurements and optimizations.
      * Fix scoring bug, heap size of bug and add cache
      * Disable tx queueing and parallel verification.
      * Make ethcore and ethcore-miner compile again.
      * Make RPC compile again.
      * Bunch of txpool tests.
      * Migrate transaction queue tests.
      * Nonce Cap
      * Nonce cap cache and tests.
      * Remove stale future transactions from the queue.
      * Optimize scoring and write some tests.
      * Simple penalization.
      * Clean up and support for different scoring algorithms.
      * Add CLI parameters for the new queue.
      * Remove banning queue.
      * Disable debug build.
      * Change per_sender limit to be 1% instead of 5%
      * Avoid cloning when propagating transactions.
      * Remove old todo.
      * Post-review fixes.
      * Fix miner options default.
      * Implement back ready transactions for light client.
      * Get rid of from_pending_block
      * Pass rejection reason.
      * Add more details to drop.
      * Rollback heap size of.
      * Avoid cloning hashes when propagating and include more details on rejection.
      * Fix tests.
      * Introduce nonces cache.
      * Remove uneccessary hashes allocation.
      * Lower the mem limit.
      * Re-enable parallel verification.
      * Add miner log. Don't check the type if not below min_gas_price.
      * Add more traces, fix disabling miner.
      * Fix creating pending blocks twice on AuRa authorities.
      * Fix tests.
      * re-use pending blocks in AuRa
      * Use reseal_min_period to prevent too frequent update_sealing.
      * Fix log to contain hash not sender.
      * Optimize local transactions.
      * Fix aura tests.
      * Update locks comments.
      * Get rid of unsafe Sync impl.
      * Review fixes.
      * Remove excessive matches.
      * Fix compilation errors.
      * Use new pool in private transactions.
      * Fix private-tx test.
      * Fix secret store tests.
      * Actually use gas_floor_target
      * Fix config tests.
      * Fix pool tests.
      * Address grumbles.
      * clarify that windows need perl and yasm (#8402)
      * Unify and limit rocksdb dependency places (#8371)
      * secret_store: remove kvdb_rocksdb dependency
      * cli: init db mod for open dispatch
      * cli: move db, client_db, restoration_db, secretstore_db to a separate mod
      * migration: rename to migration-rocksdb and remove ethcore-migrations
      * ethcore: re-move kvdb-rocksdb dep to test
      * mark test_helpers as test only and fix migration mod naming
      * Move restoration_db_handler to test_helpers_internal
      * Fix missing preambles in test_helpers_internal and rocksdb/helpers
      * Move test crates downward
      * Fix missing docs
      * cli, db::open_db: move each argument to a separate line
      * Use featuregate instead of dead code for `open_secretstore_db`
      * Move pathbuf import to open_secretstore_db
      Because it's only used there behind a feature gate
      * Use tokio::spawn in secret_store listener and fix Uri (#8373)
      * Directly wait for future to resolve in a threadpool
      * Ignore return value
      * Use path.starts_with instead of req_uri.is_absolute
      The later now means something else in hyper 0.11..
      * Use tokio::spawn
      * typo: remove accidential unsafe impl
      * remove Tendermint extra_info due to seal inconsistencies (#8367)
      * More code refactoring to integrate Duration (#8322)
      * More code refactoring to integrate Duration
      * Fix typo
      * Fix tests
      * More test fix
      * tokio-core v0.1.16 -> v0.1.17 (#8408)
      * Replace legacy Rlp with UntrustedRlp and use in ethcore rlp views (#8316)
      * WIP
      * Replace Rlp with UntrustedRlp in views, explicity unwrap with expect
      First pass to get it to compile. Need to figure out whether to do this or to propogate Errors upstream, which would require many more changes to dependent code. If we do this way we are assuming that the views are always used in a context where the rlp is trusted to be valid e.g. when reading from our own DB. So need to fid out whether views are used with data received from an untrusted (e.g. extrernal peer).
      * Remove original Rlp impl, rename UntrustedRlp -> Rlp
      * Create rlp views with view! macro to record debug info
      Views are assumed to be over valid rlp, so if there is a decoding error we record where the view was created in the first place and report it in the expect
      * Use $crate in view! macro to avoid import, fix tests
      * Expect valid rlp in decode functions for now
      * Replace spaces with tabs in new file
      * Add doc tests for creating views with macro
      * Update rlp docs to reflect removing of UntrustedRlp
      * Replace UntrustedRlp usages in private-tx merge
      * Fix TODO comments (#8413)
      * update zip to 0.3 (#8381)
      * update zip to 0.3
      * enable zip deflate feature
      * typo, docs parity_chainId: empty string -> None (#8434)
      * Fix receipts stripping. (#8414)
      * Changelogs for 1.9.6 and 1.10.1 (#8411)
      * Add changelog for 1.9.6
      * Add Changelog for 1.10.1
      * Move ethcore::Error to error_chain (#8386)
      * WIP
      * Convert Ethcore error to use error_chain
      * Use error_chain for ImportError and BlockImportError
      * Fix error pattern matches for error_chain in miner
      * Implement explicit From for AccountsError
      * Fix pattern matches for ErrorKinds
      * Handle ethcore error_chain in light client
      * Explicitly define Result type to avoid shadowing
      * Fix remaining Error pattern matches
      * Fix tab space formatting
      * Helps if the tests compile
      * Fix error chain matching after merge
      * remove From::from. (#8390)
      * Some tiny modifications.
      1. fix some typo in the comment.
      2. sort the order of methods in 'impl state::Backend for StateDB`
      * Remove the clone of code_cache, as it has been done in clone_basic.
      * remove From::from. It seems not necessary.
      * Use forked app_dirs crate for reverted Windows dir behavior  (#8438)
      * Remove unused appdirs dependency in CLI
      * Use forked app_dirs crate for reverted Windows dir behavior
      * Permission fix (#8441)
      * Block reward contract (#8419)
      * engine: add block reward contract abi and helper client
      * aura: add support for block reward contract
      * engine: test block reward contract client
      * aura: test block reward contract
      * engine + aura: add missing docs
      * engine: share SystemCall type alias
      * aura: add transition for block reward contract
      * engine: fix example block reward contract source link and bytecode
      * Improve VM executor stack size estimation rules (#8439)
      * Improve VM executor stack size estimation rules
      * typo: docs add "(Debug build)" comment
      * Fix an off by one typo and set minimal stack size
      This avoids the case if `depth_threshold == max_depth`. Usually setting stack size to zero will just rebound it to
      platform minimal stack size, but we set it here just in case.
      * Use saturating_sub to avoid potential overflow
      * Private transactions processing error handling (#8431)
      * Integration test for private transaction returned
      * Do not interrupt verification in case of errors
      * Helpers use specified
      * Review comments fixed
      * Update Cargo hidapi-rs dependency (#8447)
      * Allow 32 bit pipelines to fail (#8454)
      * Disable 32bit tragets for gitlab
      * Rename linux pipelines
      * Update wasmi (#8452)
      * Return error in case eth_call returns VM errors (#8448)
      * Add VMError generator
      * Return executed exceptions in eth_call
      * ParityShell::open `Return result` (#8377)
      * start
      * add error handling for winapi
      * fix typo
      * fix warnings and windows errors
      * formatting
      * Address review comments
      * fix docker build (#8462)
      * Add changelog for 1.9.7 and 1.10.2 (#8460)
      * Add changelog for 1.9.7
      * Add Changelog for 1.10.2
      * Apply proper markdown
      * Run a spellchecker :)
      * Be pedantic about the 32-bit pipelines :)
      * fix typos in vm description comment (#8446)
      * Use rename_all for RichBlock and RichHeader serialization (#8471)
      * typo: fix a resolved TODO comment
      * Use rename_all instead of individual renames
      * Don't require write lock when fetching status. (#8481)
      * Bump master to 1.12 (#8477)
      * Bump master to 1.12
      * Bump crates to 1.12
      * Bump mac installer version to 1.12
      * Update Gitlab scripts
      * Fix snap builds (#8483)
      * Update hardcodedSync for Ethereum, Kovan, and Ropsten (#8489)
      * Update wasmi and pwasm-utils (#8493)
      * Update wasmi to 0.2
      New wasmi supports 32bit platforms and no longer requires a special feature to build for such platforms.
      * Update pwasm-utils to 0.1.5
      * Remove three old warp boot nodes. (#8497)
      * Return error if RLP size of transaction exceeds the limit (#8473)
      * Return error if RLP size of transaction exceeds the limit
      * Review comments fixed
      * RLP check moved to verifier, corresponding pool test added
      * `duration_ns: u64 -> duration: Duration` (#8457)
      * duration_ns: u64 -> duration: Duration
      * format on millis {:.2} -> {}
      * Remove unused dependency `bigint` (#8505)
      * remove unused dependency bigint in
      * remove bigint in rpc_cli
      * Show imported messages for light client (#8517)
      * Directly return None if tracing is disabled (#8504)
      * Directly return None if tracing is disabled
      * Address gumbles: release read locks as fast as possible
      * Hardware Wallet trait (#8071)
      * getting started with replacing HardwareWalletManager
      * trezor and ledger impls the new trait with some drawbacks
      * Everything move to the new trait
      * It required lifetime annotations in the trait because [u8] in unsized
      * Lets now start moving entry point from HardwareWalletManager
      * rename trait to Wallet
      * move thread management to the actual wallets
      * Moved thread management to each respective Wallet
      * Cleaned up pub items that is needed to be pub
      * Wallet trait more or less finished
      * Cleaned up docs
      * fix tests
      * omit removed docs
      * fix spelling, naming och remove old comments
      * ledger test is broken, add correct logging format
      * So locally on my machine Linux Ubuntu 17.10 the test doesn't panic but on the CI server libusb::Context::new()
      fails which I don't understand because it has worked before
      * Additionally the ledger test is optional so I lean toward ignoring it the CI Server
      * ignore hardware tests by default
      * more verbose checking in ledger test
      * SecretStore: merge two types of errors into single one + Error::is_non_fatal (#8357)
      * SecretStore: error unify initial commit
      SecretStore: pass real error in error messages
      SecretStore: is_internal_error -> Error::is_non_fatal
      SecretStore: ConsensusTemporaryUnreachable
      fix after merge
      removed comments
      removed comments
      SecretStore: updated HTTP error responses
      SecretStore: more ConsensusTemporaryUnreachable tests
      fix after rebase
      * fixed grumbles
      * use HashSet in tests
      * Enable WebAssembly and Byzantium for Ellaism (#8520)
      * Enable WebAssembly and Byzantium for Ellaism
      * Fix indentation
      * Remove empty lines
      * More changes for Android (#8421)
      * Transaction Pool improvements (#8470)
      * Don't use ethereum_types in transaction pool.
      * Hide internal insertion_id.
      * Fix tests.
      * Review grumbles.
      * Fetching logs by hash in blockchain database (#8463)
      * Fetch logs by hash in blockchain database
      * Fix tests
      * Add unit test for branch block logs fetching
      * Add docs that blocks must already be sorted
      * Handle branch block cases properly
      * typo: empty -> is_empty
      * Remove return_empty_if_none by using a closure
      * Use BTreeSet to avoid sorting again
      * Move is_canon to BlockChain
      * typo: pass value by reference
      * Use loop and wrap inside blocks to simplify the code
      Borrowed from https://github.com/paritytech/parity/pull/8463#discussion_r183453326
      * typo: missed a comment
      * Pass on storage keys tracing to handle the case when it is not modified (#8491)
      * Pass on storage keys even if it is not modified
      * typo: account and storage query
      `to_pod_diff` builds both `touched_addresses` merge and storage keys merge.
      * Fix tests
      * Use state query directly because of suicided accounts
      * Fix a RefCell borrow issue
      * Add tests for unmodified storage trace
      * Address grumbles
      * typo: remove unwanted empty line
      * ensure_cached compiles with the original signature
      * Don't panic in import_block if invalid rlp (#8522)
      * Don't panic in import_block if invalid rlp
      * Remove redundant type annotation
      * Replace RLP header view usage with safe decoding
      Using the view will panic with invalid RLP. Here we use Rlp decoding directly which will return a `Result<_, DecoderError>`. While this path currently should not have any invalid RLP - it makes it safer if ever called with invalid RLP from other code paths.
      * Remove expect (#8536)
      * Remove expect and propagate rlp::DecoderErrors as TrieErrors
      * EIP 145: Bitwise shifting instructions in EVM (#8451)
      * Add SHL, SHR, SAR opcodes
      * Add have_bitwise_shifting schedule flag
      * Add all EIP tests for SHL
      * Add SHR implementation and tests
      * Implement SAR and add tests
      * Add eip145transition config param
      * Change map_or to map_or_else when possible
      *  Consolidate crypto functionality in `ethcore-crypto`. (#8432)
      * Consolidate crypto functionality in `ethcore-crypto`.
      - Move `ecdh`/`ecies` modules to `ethkey`.
      - Refactor `ethcore-crypto` to use file per module.
      - Replace `subtle` with `ethcore_crypto::is_equal`.
      - Add `aes_gcm` module to `ethcore-crypto`.
      * Rename `aes::{encrypt,decrypt,decrypt_cbc}` ...
      ... to `aes::{encrypt_128_ctr,decrypt_128_ctr,decrypt_128_cbc}`.
      * ethcore, rpc, machine: refactor block reward application and tracing (#8490)
      * Keep all enacted blocks notify in order (#8524)
      * Keep all enacted blocks notify in order
      * Collect is unnecessary
      * Update ChainNotify to use ChainRouteType
      * Fix all ethcore fn defs
      * Wrap the type within ChainRoute
      * Fix private-tx and sync api
      * Fix secret_store API
      * Fix updater API
      * Fix rpc api
      * Fix informant api
      * Eagerly cache enacted/retracted and remove contain_enacted/retracted
      * Fix indent
      * tests: should use full expr form for struct constructor
      * Use into_enacted_retracted to further avoid copy
      * typo: not a function
      * rpc/tests: ChainRoute -> ChainRoute::new
      * Node table sorting according to last contact data (#8541)
      * network-devp2p: sort nodes in node table using last contact data
      * network-devp2p: rename node contact types in node table json output
      * network-devp2p: fix node table tests
      * network-devp2p: note node failure when failed to establish connection
      * network-devp2p: handle UselessPeer error
      * network-devp2p: note failure when marking node as useless
      * Rlp decode returns Result (#8527)
      rlp::decode returns Result
      Make a best effort to handle decoding errors gracefully throughout the code, using `expect` where the value is guaranteed to be valid (and in other places where it makes sense).
      * Parity as a library (#8412)
      * Parity as a library
      * Fix concerns
      * Allow using a null on_client_restart_cb
      * Fix more concerns
      * Test the C library in test.sh
      * Reduce CMake version to 3.5
      * Move the clib test before cargo test
      * Add println in test
      * Trace precompiled contracts when the transfer value is not zero (#8486)
      * Trace precompiled contracts when the transfer value is not zero
      * Add tests for precompiled CALL tracing
      * Use byzantium test machine for the new test
      * Add notes in comments on why we don't trace all precompileds
      * Use is_transferred instead of transferred
      * Don't block sync when importing old blocks (#8530)
      * Alter IO queueing.
      * Don't require IoMessages to be Clone
      * Ancient blocks imported via IoChannel.
      * Get rid of private transactions io message.
      * Get rid of deadlock and fix disconnected handler.
      * Revert to old disconnect condition.
      * Fix tests.
      * Fix deadlock.
      * Make trace-time publishable. (#8568)
      * Remove State::replace_backend (#8569)
      * Refactoring `ethcore-sync` - Fixing warp-sync barrier (#8543)
      * Start dividing sync chain : first supplier method
      * WIP - updated chain sync supplier
      * Finish refactoring the Chain Sync Supplier
      * Create Chain Sync Requester
      * Add Propagator for Chain Sync
      * Add the Chain Sync Handler
      * Move tests from mod -> handler
      * Move tests to propagator
      * Refactor SyncRequester arguments
      * Refactoring peer fork header handler
      * Fix wrong highest block number in snapshot sync
      * Small refactor...
      * Address PR grumbles
      * Retry failed CI job
      * Fix tests
      * PR Grumbles
      * Decoding headers can fail (#8570)
      * rlp::decode returns Result
      * Fix journaldb to handle rlp::decode Result
      * Fix ethcore to work with rlp::decode returning Result
      * Light client handles rlp::decode returning Result
      * Fix tests in rlp_derive
      * Fix tests
      * Cleanup
      * cleanup
      * Allow panic rather than breaking out of iterator
      * Let decoding failures when reading from disk blow up
      * syntax
      * Fix the trivial grumbles
      * Fix failing tests
      * Make Account::from_rlp return Result
      * Syntx, sigh
      * Temp-fix for decoding failures
      * Header::decode returns Result
      Handle new return type throughout the code base.
      * Do not continue reading from the DB when a value could not be read
      * Fix tests
      * Handle header decoding in light_sync
      * Handling header decoding errors
      * Let the DecodeError bubble up unchanged
      * Remove redundant error conversion
      * Update CHANGELOG for 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11 (#8556)
      * Move changelog for 1.10.x
      * Mark 1.9 EOL
      * Prepare changelog for 1.10.3 stable
      * Prepare changelog for 1.11.0 stable
      * Update changelogs
      * Update CHANGELOG for 1.10.3 beta
      * Update CHANGELOG for 1.11.0 beta
      * Update CHANGELOG for 1.11.0 beta
      * Update CHANGELOG for 1.11.0 beta
      * Format changelog
      * Handle socket address parsing errors (#8545)
      Unpack errors and check for io::ErrorKind::InvalidInput and return our own AddressParse error. Remove the foreign link to std::net::AddrParseError and add an `impl From` for that error. Test parsing properly.
      * Remove unnecessary cloning in overwrite_with (#8580)
      * Remove unnecessary cloning in overwrite_with
      * Remove into_iter
      * changelog nit (#8585)
      * Rename `whisper-cli binary` to `whisper` (#8579)
      * rename whisper-cli binary to whisper
      * fix tests
      * Add whisper CLI to the pipelines (#8578)
      * Add whisper CLI to the pipelines
      * Address todo, ref #8579
      * Added Dockerfile for alpine linux by @andresilva, closes #3565 (#8587)
      * Changelog and Readme (#8591)
      * Move changelog for 1.10.x
      * Mark 1.9 EOL
      * Prepare changelog for 1.10.3 stable
      * Prepare changelog for 1.11.0 stable
      * Update changelogs
      * Update CHANGELOG for 1.10.3 beta
      * Update CHANGELOG for 1.11.0 beta
      * Update CHANGELOG for 1.11.0 beta
      * Update CHANGELOG for 1.11.0 beta
      * Format changelog
      * Update README for 1.11
      * Fix typo
      * Attempt to fix intermittent test failures (#8584)
      Occasionally should_return_correct_nonces_when_dropped_because_of_limit fails, possibly because of multiple threads competing to finish. See CI logs here for an example: https://gitlab.parity.io/parity/parity/-/jobs/86738
      * Make mio optional in ethcore-io (#8537)
      * Make mio optional in ethcore-io
      * Add some annotations, plus a check for features
      * Increase timer for test
      * Fix Parity UI link (#8600)
      Fix link https://github.com/paritytech/parity/issues/8599
      * fix compiler warning (#8590)
      * Block::decode() returns Result (#8586)
      * block_header can fail so return Result (#8581)
      * block_header can fail so return Result
      * Restore previous return type based on feedback
      * Fix failing doc tests running on non-code
      * Remove inject.js server-side injection for dapps (#8539)
      * Remove inject.js server-side injection for dapps
      * Remove dapps test `should_inject_js`
      Parity doesn't inject a <script> tag inside the responses anymore
      * Fix the mio test again (#8602)
      * 2 tiny modification on snapshot (#8601)
      * Some tiny modifications.
      1. fix some typo in the comment.
      2. sort the order of methods in 'impl state::Backend for StateDB`
      * Remove the clone of code_cache, as it has been done in clone_basic.
      * remove From::from. It seems not necessary.
      * change mode: remove rust files' executable mode.
      * 2 tiny modifications on snapshot.
      * Use full qualified syntax for itertools::Itertools::flatten (#8606)
      * Fix packet count when talking with PAR2 peers (#8555)
      * Support diferent packet counts in different protocol versions.
      * Fix light timeouts and eclipse protection.
      * Fix devp2p tests.
      * Fix whisper-cli compilation.
      * Fix compilation.
      * Fix ethcore-sync tests.
      * Revert "Fix light timeouts and eclipse protection."
      This reverts commit 06285ea8c1d9d184d809f64b5507aece633da6cc.
      * Increase timeouts.
      * typo: wrong indentation in kovan config (#8610)
      * Fix account list double 0x display (#8596)
      * Remove unused self import
      * Fix account list double 0x display
      * Remove manually added text to the errors (#8595)
      These messages were confusing for the users especially the help message.
      * Gitlab test script fixes (#8573)
      * Exclude /docs from modified files.
      * Ensure all references in the working tree are available
      * Remove duplicated line from test script
      * Fix BlockReward contract "arithmetic operation overflow" (#8611)
      * Fix BlockReward contract "arithmetic operation overflow"
      * Add docs on how execute_as_system works
      * Fix typo
      * ´main.rs´ typo (#8629)
      * Typo
      * Update main.rs
      * Store morden db and keys in "path/to/parity/data/Morden" (ropsten uses "test", like before) (#8621)
      * Store morden db and keys in "path/to/parity/data/morden" (ropsten uses "test", like before)
      * Fix light sync with initial validator-set contract (#8528)
      * Fix #8468
      * Use U256::max_value() instead
      * Fix again
      * Also change initial transaction gas
      * Remove NetworkContext::io_channel() (#8625)
      * Remove io_channel()
      * Fix warning
      * Check that the Android build doesn't dep on c++_shared (#8538)
      * Fork choice and metadata framework for Engine (#8401)
      * Add light client TODO item
      * Move existing total-difficulty-based fork choice check to Engine
      * Abstract total difficulty and block provider as Machine::BlockMetadata and Machine::BlockProvider
      * Decouple "generate_metadata" logic to Engine
      * Use fixed BlockMetadata and BlockProvider type for null and instantseal
      In this way they can use total difficulty fork choice check
      * Extend blockdetails with metadatas and finalized info
      * Extra data update: mark_finalized and update_metadatas
      * Check finalized block in Blockchain
      * Fix a test constructor in verification mod
      * Add total difficulty trait
      * Fix type import
      * Db migration to V13 with metadata column
      * Address grumbles
      * metadatas -> metadata
      * Use generic type for update_metadata to avoid passing HashMap all around
      * Remove metadata in blockdetails
      * [WIP] Implement a generic metadata architecture
      * [WIP] Metadata insertion logic in BlockChain
      * typo: Value -> Self::Value
      * [WIP] Temporarily remove Engine::is_new_best interface
      So that we don't have too many type errors.
      * [WIP] Fix more type errors
      * [WIP] ExtendedHeader::PartialEq
      * [WIP] Change metadata type Option<Vec<u8>> to Vec<u8>
      * [WIP] Remove Metadata Error
      * [WIP] Clean up error conversion
      * [WIP] finalized -> is_finalized
      * [WIP] Mark all fields in ExtrasInsert as pub
      * [WIP] Remove unused import
      * [WIP] Keep only local metadata info
      * Mark metadata as optional
      * [WIP] Revert metadata db change in BlockChain
      * [WIP] Put finalization in unclosed state
      * Use metadata interface in BlockDetail
      * [WIP] Fix current build failures
      * [WIP] Remove unused blockmetadata struct
      * Remove DB migration info
      * [WIP] Typo
      * Use ExtendedHeader to implement fork choice check
      * Implement is_new_best using Ancestry iterator
      * Use expect instead of panic
      * [WIP] Add ancestry Engine support via on_new_block
      * Fix tests
      * Emission of ancestry actions
      * use_short_version should take account of metadata
      * Engine::is_new_best -> Engine::fork_choice
      * Use proper expect format as defined in #1026
      * panic -> expect
      * ancestry_header -> ancestry_with_metadata
      * Boxed iterator -> &mut iterator
      * Fix tests
      * is_new_best -> primitive_fork_choice
      * Document how fork_choice works
      * Engine::fork_choice -> Engine::primitive_fork_choice
      * comment: clarify types of finalization where Engine::primitive_fork_choice works
      * Expose FinalizationInfo to Engine
      * Fix tests due to merging
      * Remove TotalDifficulty trait
      * Do not pass FinalizationInfo to Engine
      If there's finalized blocks in from route, choose the old branch without calling `Engine::fork_choice`.
      * Fix compile
      * Fix unused import
      * Remove is_to_route_finalized
      When no block reorg passes a finalized block, this variable is always false.
      * Address format grumbles
      * Fix docs: mark_finalized returns None if block hash is not found
      `blockchain` mod does not yet have an Error type, so we still temporarily use None here.
      * Fix inaccurate tree_route None expect description
      * typo (#8640)
      * Changelog for 1.10.4-stable and 1.11.1-beta (#8637)
      * Add changelog for 1.10.4
      * Add changelog for 1.11.1
      * Fix Typos
      * Don't open Browser post-install on Mac (#8641)
      Since we start parity with the UI disabled per default now, opening the browser post installation will show an annoying error message, confusing the user. This patch removes opening the browser to prevent that annoyance.
      fixes #8194
      * Resumable warp-sync / Seed downloaded snapshots (#8544)
      * Start dividing sync chain : first supplier method
      * WIP - updated chain sync supplier
      * Finish refactoring the Chain Sync Supplier
      * Create Chain Sync Requester
      * Add Propagator for Chain Sync
      * Add the Chain Sync Handler
      * Move tests from mod -> handler
      * Move tests to propagator
      * Refactor SyncRequester arguments
      * Refactoring peer fork header handler
      * Fix wrong highest block number in snapshot sync
      * Small refactor...
      * Resume warp-sync downloaded chunks
      * Add comments
      * Refactoring the previous chunks import
      * Fix tests
      * Address PR grumbles
      * Fix not seeding current snapshot
      * Address PR Grumbles
      * Address PR grumble
      * Retry failed CI job
      * Update SnapshotService readiness check
      Fix restoration locking issue for previous chunks restoration
      * Fix tests
      * Fix tests
      * Fix test
      * Early abort importing previous chunks
      * PR Grumbles
      * Update Gitlab CI config
      * SyncState back to Waiting when Manifest peers disconnect
      * Move fix
      * Better fix
      * Revert GitLab CI changes
      * Fix Warning
      * Refactor resuming snapshots
      * Fix string construction
      * Revert "Refactor resuming snapshots"
      This reverts commit 75fd4b553a38e4a49dc5d6a878c70e830ff382eb.
      * Update informant log
      * Fix string construction
      * Refactor resuming snapshots
      * Fix informant
      * PR Grumbles
      * Update informant message : show chunks done
      * PR Grumbles
      * Fix
      * Fix Warning
      * PR Grumbles
      * Fix not downloading old blocks (#8642)
      * Remove HostInfo::next_nonce (#8644)
      * Remove the Keccak C library and use the pure Rust impl (#8657)
      * Add license and readme
      * Use pure rust implementation
      * Bump version to 0.1.1
      * Don't use C, prefer the pure Rust implementation
      * Add test for `write_keccak`
      * Bump version
      * Add benchmarks
      * Add benchmarks
      * Add keccak_256, keccak_512, keccak_256_unchecked and keccak_512_unchecked – mostly for compatibility with ethash
      * Remove failed git merge attempt from external git repo
      Cargo.lock updates
      * whitespace
      * Mark unsafe function unsafe
      * Unsafe calls in unsafe block
      * Document unsafety invariants
      * Revert unintended changes to Cargo.lock
      * updated tiny-keccak to 1.4.2 (#8669)
      * parity: improve cli help and logging (#8665)
      * parity: indicate disabling ancient blocks is not recommended
      * parity: display decimals for stats in informant
      * Refactor EIP150, EIP160 and EIP161 forks to be specified in CommonParams  (#8614)
      * Allow post-homestead forks to be specified in CommonParams
      * Fix all json configs
      * Fix test in json crate
      * Fix test in ethcore
      * Fix all chain configs to use tabs
      Given we use tabs in .editorconfig and the majority of chain configs.
      This change is done in Emacs using `mark-whole-buffer` and `indent-region`.
      * Remove HostInfo::client_version() and secret() (#8677)
      * Move connection_filter to the network crate (#8674)
      * Remove the error when stopping the network (#8671)
      * Allow making direct RPC queries from the C API (#8588)
      * Fix cli signer (#8682)
      * Update ethereum-types so `{:#x}` applies 0x prefix
      * Fix tx permission tests
      * Use impl Future in the light client RPC helpers (#8628)
      * Update mod.rs (#8695)
      - Update interfaces affected by unsafe-expose
      - replace `{{ }}` as this  throws an error in Jekyll (wiki)
      * remove empty file (#8705)
      * Set the request index to that of the current request (#8683)
      * Set the request index to that of the current request
      When setting up the chain of (two) requests to look up a block by hash, the second need to refer to the first. This fixes an issue where the back ref was set to the subsequent request, not the current one. When the requests are executed we loop through them in order and ensure the requests that should produce headers all match up. We do this by index so they better be right.
      In other words: off by one.
      * parity: trim whitespace when parsing duration strings (#8692)
      * Implement recursive Debug for Nodes in patrica_trie::TrieDB (#8697)
      fixes #8184
      * Remove unused imports (#8722)
      * Update dev chain (#8717)
      * Make dev chain more foundation-like and enable wasm.
      * Fix compilation warnings.
      * Add a test for decoding corrupt data (#8713)
      * Fix compilation error on nightly rust (#8707)
      On nightly rust passing `public_url` works but that breaks on stable. This works for both.
      * network-devp2p: handle UselessPeer disconnect (#8686)
      * Shutdown the Snapshot Service early (#8658)
      * Shutdown the Snapshot Service when shutting down the runner
      * Rename `service` to `client_service`
      * Fix tests
      * Fix local transactions policy. (#8691)
      * Add a deadlock detection thread (#8727)
      * Add a deadlock detection thread
      Expose it under a feature flag:
      `cargo build --features "deadlock_detection"`
      * Address Nicklas's comments
      * Remove unused function new_pow_test_spec (#8735)
      * Add 'interface' option to cli (#8699)
      Additionally as to the port, the new  command line option
      now allows the user to specify the network interface the P2P-Parity
      listens, too. With support for 'all' and 'local' like in all other
      versions of this flag. Default is 'all' (aka ).
      * Fix some nits using clippy (#8731)
      * fix some nits using clippy
      * fix tests
      * Remove a couple of unnecessary `transmute()` (#8736)
      * bump tinykeccak to 1.4 (#8728)
      * ease tiny-keccak version requirements (1.4.1 -> 1.4) (#8726)
      * Remove -k/--insecure option from curl installer (#8719)
      Piping `curl` to `bash` while **disabling** certificate verification can lead to security problems.
      * Fix PoW blockchains sealing notifications in chain_new_blocks (#8656)
      * Print warnings when fetching pending blocks (#8711)
      * Lots of println to figure out what eth_getBlockByNumber does/should do
      * Remove debugging
      * Print warnings when fetching pending blocks
      When calling `eth_getBlockByNumber` with `pending`, we now print a deprecation warning and:
      * if a pending block is found, use it to respond
      * if no pending block is found, respond as if if was a request for `Latest`
      Addresses issue #8703 (not sure if it's enough to close it tbh)
      * Fix XOR distance calculation in discovery Kademlia impl (#8589)
      * network-devp2p: Test for discovery bucket insertion.
      All test values are randomly generated and the assertions are checked manually.
      Test fails because distance metric is implemented incorrectly.
      * network-devp2p: Fix discovery distance function.
      The Kademlia distance function (XOR) was implemented incorrectly as a population count.
      * network-devp2p: Refactor nearest_node_entries to be on instance.
      Optimizations are possible with more access to the discovery state.
      * network-devp2p: Fix loss of precision in nearest_node_entries.
      * network-devp2p: More efficient nearest node search.
      The discovery algorithm to identify the nearest k nodes does not need to scan
      all entries in all buckets.
      * Remove NetworkService::config() (#8653)
      * CI: Fixes for Android Pipeline (#8745)
      * ci: Remove check for shared libraries in gitlab script
      * ci: allow android arm build to fail
      * Custom Error Messages on ENFILE and EMFILE IO Errors (#8744)
      * Custom Error Messages on ENFILE and EMFILE IO Errors
      Add custom mapping of ENFILE and EMFILE IO Errors (Failure because of missing system resource) right when chaining ioError into ::util::Network::Error to improve Error Messages given to user
      Note: Adds libc as a dependency to util/network
      * Use assert-matches for more readable tests
      * Fix Wording and consistency
    • Tomasz Drwięga's avatar
      Limit the number of transactions in pending set (#8777) · 4938d5dd
      Tomasz Drwięga authored and Marek Kotewicz's avatar Marek Kotewicz committed
      * Unordered iterator.
      * Use unordered and limited set if full not required.
      * Split timeout work into smaller timers.
      * Avoid collecting all pending transactions when mining
      * Remove println.
      * Use priority ordering in eth-filter.
      * Fix ethcore-miner tests and tx propagation.
      * Review grumbles addressed.
      * Add test for unordered not populating the cache.
      * Fix ethcore tests.
      * Fix light tests.
      * Fix ethcore-sync tests.
      * Fix RPC tests.
    • Wei Tang's avatar
      Use sealing.enabled to emit eth_mining information (#8844) · 4817b94d
      Wei Tang authored and Marek Kotewicz's avatar Marek Kotewicz committed
      * Use sealing.enabled to emit eth_mining information
      * Be more accurate on last_requests by using Option
      * Add tests for internal sealing
      * Add test for pow non-mining
      * Add test for mining pow
    • Andronik Ordian's avatar
      Don't allocate in expect_valid_rlp unless necessary (#8867) · 2a470dee
      Andronik Ordian authored and Marek Kotewicz's avatar Marek Kotewicz committed
      * don't allocate via format! in case there's no error
      * fix test?
  7. 11 Jun, 2018 4 commits
  8. 08 Jun, 2018 4 commits