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    new blooms database (#8712) · 458afcd2
    Marek Kotewicz authored
    * new blooms database
    * fixed conflict in Cargo.lock
    * removed bloomchain
    * cleanup in progress
    * all tests passing in trace db with new blooms-db
    * added trace_blooms to BlockChainDB interface, fixed db flushing
    * BlockChainDB no longer exposes RwLock in the interface
    * automatically flush blooms-db after every insert
    * blooms-db uses io::BufReader to read files, wrap blooms-db into Mutex, cause fs::File is just a shared file handle
    * fix json_tests
    * blooms-db can filter multiple possibilities at the same time
    * removed enum trace/db.rs CacheId
    * lint fixes
    * fixed tests
    * kvdb-rocksdb uses fs-swap crate
    * update Cargo.lock
    * use fs::rename
    * fixed failing test on linux
    * fix tests
    * use fs_swap
    * fixed failing test on linux
    * cleanup after swap
    * fix tests
    * fixed osx permissions
    * simplify parity database opening functions
    * added migration to blooms-db
    * address @niklasad1 grumbles
    * fix license and authors field of blooms-db Cargo.toml
    * restore blooms-db after snapshot
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